maandag 16 maart 2009

Nederlandse tieners voor beledigen Joden veroordeeld tot bezoek aan Anne Frank Huis

Zou het werken?

Last update - 19:50 13/03/2009       
Dutch teens convicted of insulting Jews ordered to visit Anne Frank House
By The Associated Press
A Dutch judge has ordered four teenagers to visit the Anne Frank House museum after finding them guilty of discrimination for insulting Jews at a rally.
The boys, aged 14 to 17, must turn in a report to the Hague Police Judge about their visit to the canal house in Amsterdam where Anne Frank and her family hid from Nazi occupiers during World War II.
The four boys were convicted Friday for insulting Jews who were protesting Israel's military attack on Gaza. Prosecutors say two boys held a banner with a swastika superimposed on the Star of David, and two shouted "Hamas, Hamas, all Jews to the gas."
The judge also convicted and fined three adults for shouting anti-Semitic slogans at the Jan. 18 rally in The Hague.

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