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Import naar Gaza in tweede week maart

Hoezo blokkade? Gaza mocht zelfs weer bloemen exporteren, terwijl de raketaanvallen op Israel gewoon doorgaan.

(Communicated by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Spokesman)

15th March, 2009
Humanitarian Effort - Humanitarian Aid to the Gaza Strip
Weekly and Accumulative figures

This week, an increase in amounts of goods delivered to the Gaza Strip is noticeable via all crossings. This ongoing humanitarian effort is despite the ongoing rocket and mortar fire in to Israel and at the crossings.
Throughout the week, 18,631 tons of humanitarian aid, food commodities, medical supplies and medication, supplies for the private and public sectors were transferred to the Gaza Strip via Kerem Shalom cargo terminal and the Karni conveyor belt. Kerem Shalom operated 6 scheduled days, Karni conveyor buelt operated 3 scheduled days and Nahal Oz operated 5 scheduled days. Erez crossing operated 6 scheduled days and facilitated medical movements beyond regular operating hours.
2,249,000 liters of heavy duty diesel, for the Gaza power station were delivered via Nahal Oz fuel depot. Also, 582 tons of gas for domestic uses was transferred to the Gaza Strip. 300,000 liters of diesel were transferred for UNRWA and the implementations of UN projects. The ongoing supply of gas for domestic use is reliant on Palestinian demand and is not subject to any limitation by Israel.
This week 103 Medical evacuations from Gaza to Israel took place (including escorts), via Erez crossing. The Palestinian Authority has recently reduced the number of refferals to Israel from the Gaza Strip of the chronically ill.
157,781 tons of humanitarian aid has been delivered to Gaza since the unilateral cease fire. Also, 15,817,900 liters of heavy duty diesel were transferred to Gaza for the power station.
161 truckloads of humanitarian aid were delivered this week by the international community. UNRWA continues to be the largest supplier of aid to the Gaza strip and shipped this week 61 truckloads of goods.
95,000 carnations were exported this week from Gaza to the European market at the request of the Dutch government.
Israel facilitated the movement of empty medical canisters from Gaza scheduled to be filled with medical gasses in Israel at the request of the Palestinian Health authorities.

8-14 March 2009
International Aid & Donations

A total of 161 trucks with international aid and donations were shipped this week to Gaza. Donations included basic food commodities, school kits, paper and other essential items. Also, Jordan donated 3 ambulances destined for the Gaza Strip. Worthy to acknowledge that this week there was a noticeable decline in the volume of international aid sent to the Gaza Strip by the International community.

Kerem Shalom & Karni accumulative summary
Throughout the week a total of 18,631 tons of aid were transferred to the Gaza Strip, including International aid, donations, food supplies, medical supplies, medication, hypochloride, dairy and meat products, various types of grain, vaccines and fodder for livestock. Karni conveyor belt facilitated shipping of 7050 tons of grain. This week, 79% of the goods transferred were at the request of the private sector and 21% were at the request of the international community. Since Monday (2.3.2009), COGAT has implemented, at the request of the Dutch Government, a mechanism to enable the export of carnations from Gaza to the European market via Kerem Shalom. This week 95000 carnations were shipped through this mechanism (amount of flowers exported is determined by the Palestinian farmers).

Nahal Oz
Nahal Oz Fuel Depot operated from Sunday - Thursday shipping 2,249,000 liters of heavy duty diesel and 582 tons of domestic gas. Also, 300,000 liters of diesel were transferred to Gaza at the request of UNRWA for operational needs.

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