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Arabische landen tegen verklaring homo-rechten in VN

Een Nederlands-Frans voorstel voor een verklaring van de rechten van homo's in de VN heeft tot nu toe 66 steunbetuigingen. Ook Israel was bij dit initatief betrokken. De oppositie werd aangevoerd door Syrië. Dit zou progressieven iets kunnen zeggen over het verschil in mensenrechten en de inrichting van de maatschappij in beide landen.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A group of United Nations member states including Israel have called for the UN's first  gay rights declaration, an initiative which has met with fierce resistance by an Arab-backed opposition. The draft declaration  was presented Thursday at the UN General Assembly. It calls for decriminalization of homosexuality.Arab states are opposed. In Muslim states, homosexuality is a crime and is usually punishable by death, consistent with Islamic laow.
France and the Netherlands initiated the nonbinding symbolic declaration in the light of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  was marked earlier this month.
"This is the first time in history that a group of member countries voices its objection to discrimination that is based on sexual identity and orientation," said Dutch foreign minister, Maxime Verhagen. "The issue is no longer taboo," he added.
A Syrian representative read the  statement of the opposition to the declaration, arguing that the declaration would result in more sex crimes against children.
The United States, Russia and China have abstained on the matter.
The  declaration was read out by Argentina at a plenary session. So far diplomats promoting it have gathered 66 supporting signatures.
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