vrijdag 26 december 2008

7 Katjoesja raketten met timer ontdekt in Lebanon

Eindelijk doet UNIFIL iets nuttigs: men heeft 7 raketten ontdekt met een timer erop die elk moment op Israel konden worden afgevuurd.
De grote vraag is: wie was dit van plan? Hezbollah? Palestijnse groeperingen? Met Al Qaida verbonden groeperingen of cellen?

The Jerusalem Post
Dec 25, 2008 19:03 | Updated Dec 25, 2008 22:41
7 Katyusha rockets defused in Lebanon

Israeli military sources on Thursday said that the IDF was updated on UNIFIL's discovery of seven Katyusha rockets set up with timers that were on the verge of being fired near the border with Israel. The rockets were discovered in a forest along the coast and between the cities of Naquora and Tyre. They said that the IDF Northern Command was in touch with UNIFIL regarding the incident.

The last time rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel was last January, when two Katyushas landed in the northern town of Shlomi. Half-a-year earlier, two 107mm rockets struck Kiryat Shmona. Both attacks were attributed at the time to Palestinian terror groups that operate in Southern Lebanon and are at odds with Hizbullah.

Defense officials said it was premature to determine who was behind the planned rocket attack. UNIFIL sources said that timers were attached to the rockets and that it was possible that they were supposed to be launched overnight Thursday.

Two senior Lebanese officers said sappers dismantled the rockets, discovered near the border town of Naqoura.

"It could be anyone - Hizbullah, Palestinian terror groups or Al Qaida," one official said, adding that it was possible that the planned rocket attack was connected to the escalation in the Gaza Strip.

Hizbullah is believed to have multiplied its rocket arsenal since the Second Lebanon War and now has close to 40,000 rockets in the south and north of the Litani River. The IDF claims that Hizbullah is storing many of its rockets inside villages in southern Lebanon, which UNIFIL does not have independent access to.

While UNIIFL has comes under Israeli criticism for allegedly not enforcing its mandate to prevent Hizbullah's rearmament, on Thursday officers said that UNIFIL proved its effectiveness by discovering the rockets.

"Sometimes they are effective but we expect them to do much more," one officer said.

AP contributed to this report

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