dinsdag 6 mei 2008

Wiens fout is het dat UNRWA's brandstof opraakt?

Niet alleen AFP en Reuters minimaliseren het Palestijnse aandeel in de Gaza crisis, ook UNRWA doet daar hard aan mee. Niet zo gek als je bedenkt dat het voor bijna 100% door Palestijnen wordt gerund, waarvan velen met Hamas sympathiseren. Toch heeft UNRWA het aura van een objectieve instantie die boven de partijen staat.   



UNRWA Runs Out of Fuel - Guess Whose Fault It Is?


Once again, the UNRWA in Gaza will have to curtail some of its operations due to a fuel shortage.

Whose fault is it?

AFP writes:

The UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees is to suspend its food aid distribution in Gaza on Monday because of a lack of fuel caused by the Israeli blockade, a spokesman said on Sunday.

Sounds like Israel's fault, right?

Reuters adds a little more info:

The United Nations is set to halt delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip on Monday because its vehicles have run out of fuel, a U.N. official said. Gaza has been facing a fuel shortage because of Israeli restrictions on supplies and a strike by Palestinian fuel distributors.

Slightly better , but go down a few more paragraphs to the end of the article and all of a sudden you learn a couple of tiny, salient facts:

An Israeli official said some diesel fuel intended for Gaza's power station had passed through on Sunday, but the transfer was halted when militants attacked the Nahal Oz fuel depot on the Israeli side of the Gaza border with mortar bombs.

The official added that as well as diesel for electricity and cooking gas, Israel was prepared to transfer petrol and diesel for vehicles but he said Gazans were not able to take delivery.

The Gaza fuel association said it went on strike to protest over Israel's supply limits which were cut back sharply after Palestinian militants attacked the Nahal Oz depot last month killing two Israeli civilians.

One would think that Gazans, supposedly so desperate for fuel, shooting mortars at their fuel suppliers would be somewhat more newsworthy than a throwaway paragraph at the end of a story implying Israel is withholding fuel to cause a humanitarian crisis. In fact, Israel tried to send the needed amounts over and were stopped by terrorists. Shouldn't that be made clear in the lede?

But then again, AFP and Reuters might have a little bit of an agenda.


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