zaterdag 10 mei 2008

Syrië niet bereid banden met Iran, Hamas of Hezbollah te verbreken voor vrede met Israël

Tot zover de droom dat vrede met Syrië wellicht mogelijk zou zijn, en het opgave van de Golan waard is omdat zo een einde kan komen aan haar steun voor Hezbollah en Hamas, en haar banden met Iran. Als Syrië Hezbollah en Hamas legitieme organisaties vindt die slechts hun land (welk land??) verdedigen, dan is er helaas niks meer om over te praten dunkt me.
De duiven en dromers zijn weer een illusie armer, en de Joden die op de Golan wonen hoeven zich geen zorgen meer te maken.


'We won't cut Iran or Hizbullah ties'

Syrian President Bashar Assad rejected Israel's demand that Syria cut its ties with Iran and Hizbullah.

He said that detaching his country from the two was "irrelevant" to reviving peace talks.

In an interview published Friday with the Italian magazine L'Espresso, Assad went on to emphasize that his country was offering peace in return for the Golan Heights - captured from Syria in 1967 and then again in 1973 after recurrent Syrian cross-border attacks.

The Syrian president said it would be possible to advance the peace process when the new US president was elected.

Syria maintains ties with both Hizbullah and Iran, an extremist Shi'ite terror organization and a dominantly-Shi'ite state respectively, which both seek Israel's destruction.

[Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA: Original article in Italian

Question: And if, to agree peace, Israel will ask for no more support for Hamas and Hezbollah, organizations placed by the Americans in the black book of terrorism, and to break with Iran?

Reply: "It would be an absurd claim and would not advance peace. How would Israel react if we asked them to break their relations with the United States? Negotiations must develop in respect of full reciprocity. Syria remains firmly convinced that neither Hamas nor Hezbollah are terrorist organizations. For the simple reason that not kill civilians.  These are movements that defend their land. As to Iran, the answer is even more obvious. It is one of our old allies.
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