zaterdag 10 mei 2008

Hamas gijzelt de burgerbevolking van de Gaza Strook

De oorzaak van de humanitaire crisis in Gaza: Hamas heeft door herhaalde aanvallen op de grensovergangen de transfer van voedsel en andere hulp verhinderd, en bovendien grote hoeveelheden brandstof gestolen voor eigen gebruik, zoals ook Palestijnse bronnen bevestigen. Bovendien bepaalt Hamas hoe hulp wordt verdeeld. Uiteraard blijft iedereen Israël de schuld geven van de crisis, van de gedwongen stopzetting van hulp door de VN, en van de gevolgen voor de burgerbevolking. En dat is uiteraard precies wat Hamas wil.

Behind the Headlines: Hamas holding civilian population in Gaza hostage.
7 May 2008 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

By seizing the fuel, food, and medical supplies that Israel is transferring to the Gaza Strip, and using the supplies itself, the Hamas terror organization is basically holding the civilian population of Gaza hostage.

Israel has continued to supply fuel, food, medical supplies and other humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip, despite Hamas attacks precisely on those crossings Israel must use to transfer the supplies.

It is apparent that Hamas is targeting the crossings in order to prevent the transfer of humanitarian aid to the civilian population, thus both needlessly depriving its own population as well as causing an artificial humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Clearly, Hamas wants to create a crisis in order that international pressure will be placed on Israel.

Recent reports indicate that not only is Hamas depriving the civilization population, it is allocating the supplies for its own use.

Hamas steal fuel from the civilian population

A Jerusalem Post report, on the 29th of April, states that Hamas stole 60,000 liters of fuel from the civilian population of Gaza. This was confirmed by the head of the Palestinian Authority's gas agency, who added that Hamas gunmen had raided the Palestinian side of the Nahal Oz fuel terminal, stealing at least 60,000 liters of fuel meant for the Gaza power station, for use in their own vehicles.

The London Independent
reports on the artificial crisis caused by Hamas, which even caused the UN to suspend food aid to 650,000 refugees in the Gaza Strip after running out of fuel for its delivery vehicles. An emergency tanker sent to the Nahal Oz terminal was turned back by demonstrators, and was forced to return empty. EU condemns Hamas actions which lead to further suffering of the Palestinian population

On 24 April, the Presidency of the EU
stated that Hamas activities were obstructing and even preventing humanitarian work by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).
Hamas nationalizing fuel supplies meant for the civilian population

In another report, Nissim Keinan of Israel's Second Radio channel reported on 4 May that Hamas was in fact holding the civilian population hostage. He stated that Hamas has nationalized all the fuel supplies transferred by Israel for the civilian population, and for operation of the electricity plant, and is using it solely for its own purposes. In addition, food sent by the donor countries is allocated in accordance with Hamas instructions. Of the thousands of tons of grains, food and fuel that were transferred, none was able to reach the civilian population.

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