woensdag 5 maart 2008

Ziekenhuis Ashkelon behandelt Palestijnse Babies tijdens Hamas bombardement

Ashkelon is eigenlijk een bizar doelwit voor de Palestijnse raketten. Hier wordt namelijk een groot deel van de electriciteit opgewekt die de Gazastrook van energie voorziet. Bovendien worden in het ziekenhuis van Ashkelon regelmatig Palestijnen uit de Gazastrook behandeld. Van je vijanden moet je het maar hebben...

Palestinian babies treated in hospital Ashkelon amidst of Hamas rockets 
Hospital's NICU
(Communicated by the Barzilai Medical Center Ashkelon's spokesperson)
3 Mar 2008

Last week, a Palestinian woman from Beit Lahia gave birth to twins at the Barzilai Medical Centre in Ashkelon. The twins, born prematurely, weighed less than 1.5 kgs each. They were admitted to the medical center's neonatal intensive care unit, where they were treated by the medical team.

The first Hamas missiles began raining down on Ashkelon on Saturday (1 March) shortly after 5 a.m. When the Hamas shelling of Ashkelon started, the twins, a boy and girl, were still in the NICU. One of the Grad rockets fell a mere 50 meters from the hospital entrance. All the premature babies in the NICU unit, including the two Palestinian babies, were transferred to the hospital's bomb shelter for fear that the hospital itself would receive a direct missile hit.

Ashkelon Hospital was established in 1961 and renamed the Barzilai Medical Center ten years later. The Medical Center currently has approximately 500 beds, and serves the area stretching from Ashdod in the north to Sderot in the south and Kiryat Gat in the east.

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