vrijdag 7 maart 2008

Bedoeien soldaat gedood bij aanval op IDF jeep nabij Gazastrook

Je land dienen en dat verborgen moeten houden voor je buren, omdat je anders voor verrader wordt uitgemaakt. Het is het lot van veel Arabieren in Israël die zich wel loyaal aan de staat betonen ondanks de retoriek van hun leiders. Hoe gaat dat eigenlijk in zijn werk? Hoe gaat deze familie het verlies van hun man, vader en zoon verborgen houden in een gemeenschap met veel sociale controle?
Misschien zou Israel iets voor deze mensen terug kunnen doen door de voorzieningen in de 'unregistered communities' te verbeteren, of de Bedoeienen een fatsoenlijk alternatief te bieden.
Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA:

Israel Radio reported this afternoon that the soldier killed today was a Bedouin tracker - father of eight who lives in an "unregistered community" in the Negev.  He was buried today and at the request of the familiy his name is not being released in order to avoid friction with their neighbors.
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Soldier killed in strike on IDF jeep near Gaza border
By Amos Harel and Mijal Grinberg, Haaretz Correspondents and News Agencies
Last update - 13:16 06/03/2008

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed and another seriously wounded when Palestinian militants blew up an IDF jeep patrolling the Gaza Strip border early Thursday.

The jeep blew up when it rolled over an explosively formed penetrator next to Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, on the Israeli side of the border. The explosives were apparently activated from Palestinian territory.

The slain soldier was sitting in the passenger seat of the jeep at the time of the attack, while the driver was seriously hurt.

Two other soldiers, who were sitting in the backseat of the jeep, sustained minor wounds.

Several other army vehicles, along with an army helicopter, arrived to rescue the wounded, but also came under fire, witnesses said.

The casualties were taken to the Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva for treatment. Their families have been notified of the attack.

A witness said the jeep appeared to have been destroyed by the explosion at the Kissufim border crossing in central Gaza, and two tanks and an ambulance rushed to the scene.

"I believe the jeep was destroyed, because it was consumed by flames," the witness, a local Palestinian, told Reuters.

The IDF military confirmed that a soldier was killed and three others hurt in the attack.

Senior IDF officers held an emergency meeting to plan their response to the cross-border strike, officials said following the attack.

A spokesman for the Islamic Jihad militant group claimed responsibility for the attack and the ruling Hamas group said it also participated.

"A group of fighters planted a bomb under the cover of darkness and waited for the jeep to arrive ... [then] two fighters detonated the explosives," said Abu Ahmed, an Islamic Jihad spokesman.

He said the attack was revenge for an IAF strike a day earlier that killed one of the group's commanders in southern Gaza.

"We are sending our message to all the Zionist criminals," he said. "Your threats to target the leaders of resistance ... won't scare us. We are going to continue our resistance and holy war, and we will continue to rain rockets on your colonies until we make them ghost towns."

Also on Thursday, the Israel Air Force killed one militant in an on attack on a rocket-launching site in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical officials said.

IDF forces withdrew from north Gaza on Monday after a sweep against Palestinian rocket crews that killed more than 125 people - half of them civilians, according to medical officials. Fighting has persisted sporadically since.

Israel has pledged to keep up the pressure on militants to halt the continuous rocket fire on the Negev.

Five Qassams and four mortar shells strike western Negev

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Thursday fired four Qassam rockets and four mortar shells toward the western Negev.

The Qassam struck open fields near the city of Sderot and one of the shell hit an agricultural field in Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, the site where an Ecuadorian volunteer was killed about two months ago.

There were no injuries or damages reported in any of the incidents.

Workers at Ein Hashlosha left their fields at the time of the attack.

Also on Thursday, Hamas Radio reported that its militants opened fire on an Israel Air Force planes. No comment was available from the Israel Defense Forces.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry on Wednesday finished erecting 120 fortified concrete bus shelters throughout Sderot, to serve as erstwhile shelters against rocket fire.

Some of the shelters can accommodate people who use wheelchairs.

In Ashkelon, tension remained high in anticipation of additional katyusha barrages. An alarm went off mistakenly at 2 P.M. in one neighborhood, sowing wide-spread panic and flooding police and municipal hotlines with calls.

Politicians continued to visit the city Wednesday. Health Minister Jacob Ben-Yizri toured the sites where katyushas hit, and met with Magen David Adom officials in Ashkelon.

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