vrijdag 7 maart 2008

Fatah leider over Arabisch nationalisme en bezetting

Op de officiële TV zender van de Palestijnse Autoriteit zei Mahmoud Ismail, lid van het uitvoerend committe van de PLO, het volgende:
"I want to cite the actions and future actions of President [Abbas], from the starting point that the Palestine cause is the essential and central cause of the Arab Nation. It's not surprising that [to] certain journalists of the current despicable American era, our language of the 50s and 60s is outdated, when we talk about the nature of the struggle between the Arab Nation and its enemies: the Imperialists and Zionists, who attack and occupy our territories inside Palestine and outside, in Iraq, in the remains of South Lebanon and the Golan.
"We take pride in this language because we are the authentic Arabs who believe in our Arabism, our faith, our cause, our Nation, in our right to struggle and to resistance in all possible ways in all the occupied lands, in Palestine, Lebanon the Golan and Iraq..."
[Palestinian Television (Fatah) Feb. 26, 2008]

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