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Maxim's: 8 jaar na terreuraanslag in Haifa

Het is precies acht jaar geleden dat de aanslag in het Maxim restaurant in Haifa was, waar zowel Joden als Arabieren bij omkwamen. De eigenaars waren Joods en Arabisch, een voorbeeld voor het vreedzaam samenleven dat het streven van iedereen in de regio zou moeten zijn. 




Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Memorial for Maxim's .....


Oren Almog,
Ten years old at time of the bombing, was blinded by the blast, lost two of his grandparents, his father, his brother and his cousin, H"YD!!

One of the obligations of being Jewish is Zahor ... to remember.  And today, the eighth yartzeit of the bombing of Maxim's Restaurant in Haifa,  Israel by an Arab homicide bomber.  A friend of mine lost family in this atrocity.  Baruch Dayan Emet!!  This is dedicated to their memory ..... May their Neshamot receive an Aliyah!!


On this day, October 4th, 2003, twenty-one people were killed, including three children and a baby girl, and 60 were wounded in a suicide bombing carried out by a female terrorist in the Maxim Restaurant in Haifa.  Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.  The bomber, Hanadi Jaradat managed to get past Maxim's security guard and this 28-year-old "palestinian" girl detonated an explosive belt she was wearing inside the Arab-Jewish Maxim restaurant blowing herself up in the middle of the restaurant. The security guard was killed in the attack, along with three other Israeli Arab employees of the restaurant. The blast devastated the restaurant, of joint Jewish-Arab ownership, on Hahagana Boulevard near the southern entrance of the coastal city which was packed mostly with regular Saturday customers.  Among the victims were two families in their entirety and four children, including a two-month-old baby girl. 

The Maxim restaurant IS a beachfront restaurant located near the south entry to Haifa, a beautiful city in Northern Israel.  It was rebuilt within seven months, Baruch ha'Shem!!! 

The restaurant is also the favourite dining place of the famous Israeli football club Maccabi Haifa. ThreeMaccabi Haifa Officials were injured in the bombing.  The interior of the restaurant was completely destroyed in the attack, but it was quickly rebuilt and reopened within several months, Baruch Ha'Shem!!  A monument was erected near the restaurant in memory of the innocent victims killed in the attack and today stood basking in the Autumn sunshine, a testimony to the Awesomeness of the Jewish Spirit in these the 'Ten Days of Awe' to Yom Kippur!!

In Rembrance of  H"YD .....


Five members of the Almog family: ~

  • Commander Ze'ev Almog, 71
  • Ruth Almog, 70,
  • Moshe Almog, 43,
  • Tomer Almog, 9,
  • Assaf Staier, 11,

    Five members of the Zer-Aviv family: ~ 
  • Brurua Zer-Aviv, 59,
  • Bezalel Zer-Aviv, 30,
  • Keren Zer-Aviv, 29,
  • Liran Zer-Aviv, 4,
  • Noya Zer-Aviv, 1,

  • Nir Regev, 25,
  • Zvi Bahat, 35,
  • Mark Biano, 29,
  • Naomi Biano, 25,
  • Hana Francis, 39,
  • Sharbal Matar, 23,
  • Mutanus Karkabi, 31,
  • Osama Najar, 28,
  • Irena Sofrin, 38,
  • Lydia Zilberstein, 56, ~ died of her injuries on October 9th,
  • George Matar, 58, ~ died of his injuries on October 15th.


Today, on this your eighth Yarzeit,  we Remember you All ...... May your blood be Avenged!!!


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