woensdag 2 februari 2011

Moslim Broederschap staat al te trappelen voor oorlog met Israel

Bertus Hendriks, Frans Timmermans en andere deskundologen legden gisteren weer eens uit aan de lieve kijkbuiskindertjes dat de Moslim Broederschap geen monsters zijn en we ons dus geen zorgen hoeven maken. Ze hebben het geweld afgezworen en zijn niet te vergelijken met de ayatollah's in Iran. Nee, dan eerder de SGP: conservatief, maar ze doen verder geen vlieg kwaad. Dus dat wordt lekker slapen en oogjes toe en morgen gezond weer op.

MB leader wants to ready Egyptians for war with Israel

From the LA Times:
The Obama administration said for the first time that it supports a role for groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned Islamist organization, in a reformed Egyptian government.

The organization must reject violence and recognize democratic goals if the U.S. is to be comfortable with it taking part in the government, the White House said. But by even setting conditions for the involvement of such nonsecular groups, the administration took a surprise step in the midst of the crisis that has enveloped Egypt for the last week.

Monday's statement was a "pretty clear sign that the U.S. isn't going to advocate a narrow form of pluralism, but a broad one," said Robert Malley, a Mideast peace negotiator in the Clinton administration.
Which makes this so much easier to swallow:
A leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt told the Arabic-language Iranian news network Al-Alam on Monday that he would like to see the Egyptian people prepare for war against Israel.

Muhammad Ghannem reportedly told Al- Alam that the Suez Canal should be closed immediately, and that the flow of gas from Egypt to Israel should cease "in order to bring about the downfall of the Mubarak regime." He added that "the people should be prepared for war against Israel," saying the world should understand that "the Egyptian people are prepared for anything to get rid of this regime."
The original Al-Alam article is here.

(h/t Qumran Qumran  and Avi B.)

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