vrijdag 24 april 2009

Graf van Jozef bij Nablus vernield en beklad

Velen zullen ongetwijfeld zeggen dat dit een vervelend doch onvermijdelijk gevolg is van Israels wrede bezetting; dat zet nou eenmaal kwaad bloed. Deze redenering is natuurlijk zowel moreel als practisch onhoudbaar: mogen slachtoffers van zelfmoordaanslagen of hun nabestaanden dan ook in Israel Arabieren molesteren of hun moskeeën in brand steken? Mogen christenen in Arabische staten, waar zij stelselmatig worden gediscrimineerd en soms regelrecht vervolgd, moskeeën vernielen? Het is sowieso niet aan te raden: hun gemeenschap zal het zeker berouwen gezien de reactie van zowel de omgeving als de staat.
Religieuze plaatsen dienen te worden gerespecteerd, behalve wanneer zij worden misbruikt om wapens op te slaan of strijders zich er verschuilen. Deze Palestijnen gooien hiermee ook hun eigen glazen in: hoe kan men hun een staat toevertrouwen in een gebied waar verschillende voor de Joden heilige plaatsen liggen, als zij daar zo mee omgaan? Sinds de Palestijnse Autoriteit gebied onder haar controle heeft, zijn Joodse heilige plaatsen geregeld vernield of beschadigd.

Joseph Tomb compound vandalized
Worshippers arriving at compound to hold prayer service shocked to discover smashed headstones, swastika graffiti
Efrat Weiss - YNET
Hundreds of Jewish worshipers who arrived at Joseph's Tomb in the West Bank city of Nablus overnight were stunned to find the compound severely vandalized - yet again.

Israel pulled its forces out of the compound in October 2000. The IDF disallowed Jewish worshippers from entering it for a long period of time due to security concerns; and deserted, it has been burnt down and defaced many times.

December of 2008 saw Joseph Tomb's restored and the military began allowing worshippers to visit it once more, but always at night and under heavy military guard, for their own safety.

Wednesday night's visit was approved by the proper military authorities and the IDF provided the worshippers with an escort.

The group which entered the compound was made up of some 500 people. Upon entering the tomb they found it had been defaced - the headstone smashed and swastikas sprayed on the walls, as well as graffiti of a blood-dripping sward over a Star of David, and another "trampled" by a boot.

Some reported seeing visible boot prints all over the compounds, which they claim are consistent with the Palestinian police standard issue boots.

'We are to blame'
"Woe to the nation that allows its sacred places to be vandalized like this over and over again," said Gershon Mesika, head of the Shomron Regional Council, who was among the visitors.

"Only barbarians could do such things. People who pathologically disgrace such a holy place don't deserve to be called human beings," he added. "The Palestinian police terrorists have long since lost all shred of humanity. The State of Israel must return to Joseph's Tomb, as even the horrible Oslo Accords state."

The Shoulder to Shoulder group, which facilitates worshippers who wish to take part in services held in Joseph's Tomb called the situation "outrageous," adding that "on many a visit to the tombs of the just throughout Samaria we find them desecrated. This situation is unacceptable and must be rectified."

Yossi Dagan, of Homesh First, added that "if Jews were to even to consider inflicting one-tenth of this horror on a tomb of an Arab sheik, the entire world would get up on its hind legs and protest. What's absurd is that we are to blame, since even the Oslo Accords place the tomb under our responsibility."

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  1. It's a shame they treat Jewish history like that!

  2. Misschien hadden settlers er wapens verborgen. :-\

  3. "Misschien hadden settlers er wapens verborgen"

    My Dutch is rusty...."Perhaps settlers had hidden weapons."?

    If they had the weapons that the leftist - jihadi sympathizers forbid them, they wouldn't be in this mess to begin with.

    Here's a hot tip - the warsaw ghetto held out longer against the nazis(forefathers of modern jihad) than ANY OTHER EURO NEIGHBORHOOD / CITY, longer than Paris, and certainly longer than ALL OF HOLLAND.

    And that was because Jews had GUNS and the will to use them on their enemies instead of collaborating with them.