woensdag 22 april 2009

Achmadinejad: de nazi-vergelijking dringt zich soms wel op...

Maandag, op de opening van de VN racisme conferentie, was het zowel herdenkingsdag van de Holocaust in Israel als Hitlers geboortedag. Welk een toeval.

Springtime for Ahmadinejad

Do you know what day today is, kiddies?
It's Holocaust Memorial day in Israel.
Yes, that's right. And what better way is there to honor our martyred dead then to hold a racist anti-Semitic conference in Switzerland? Thank you dear United Nations. Thank you dear Swiss government for hosting the Durban II conference on the final solution to the Jewish question, and inviting Libyan and Iranian experts in the field. .
And the honored speaker at the conference will be Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Isn't that exciting?
Today is another special day for racists too. It is Adolph Hitler's Birthday! How fitting that the UN Racist conference should open today, with a speech by Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad!
Here is Ahmadinejad's favorite guy on his 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Adolph. Hope it's warm enough for you where you are.

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