donderdag 27 november 2008

Het recht op terugkeer van Syrische vluchtelingen

Syrische dissidenten roepen op tot 'recht op terugkeer'.


RPS Statement on the Palestinian Right of Return Conference Held in Damascus
Reform Party of Syria - 24 November 2008
For Immediate Release
Washington DC - Nov. 24, 2008 -- The Government of Syria is sponsoring a large conference in Damascus in which two thousand participants from around the Middle East will call for the undeniable right of the Palestinians to return to Gaza and the West Bank.
There are up to 16 million Syrians who live outside Syria and the great majority cannot return because of political and economic oppression. There are less than 1 million Palestinians in Syria and Lebanon seeking to return to Gaza and the West Bank.
RPS supports the Right of Return of all Arab refugees, including the millions living in foreign countries unable to return because of oppressive rulers.
Moreover, RPS condemns the Palestinian voices expressing outrage at the notion they cannot return to their homeland from a pulpit in Damascus where millions of Syrians in exile have no right to return to their homeland partially because of Palestinian support for our oppressors. If Meshaal wants to return as an elected official, so does Homsy as a Member of the Syrian Parliament. If Meshaal wants Syrian support for his Right of Return to a free homeland, Meshaal better support the Syrian cause for our Right of Return to a free homeland.

RPS encourages the US and the European community to define the Right of Return as a universal right for all the people of the Middle East by seeking a UN Resolution in which Palestinians can return if Arabs and Iranians, who have left their country because of lack of opportunities and oppression, can also return safely to similar conditions the Palestinians will find: Free elections.

RPS also encourages the new US Congress to tie the Right of Return of Palestinians to the Right of Return of all Arabs, living in the US, to their homeland under the very same conditions Palestinians who wish to return will find in terms of free elections and freedom of expression.

RPS calls on all Arab and Iranian dissidents to rally behind our Right of Return to our own homeland occupied by violent dictators. We also call on all Palestinians to halt their double-standards and to advance the notion of the Right of Return for ALL the Arabs and not the Palestinians ONLY.


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