maandag 1 september 2008

Westelijke Jordaanoever en Gazastrook in verschillende tiidzones

Dit is een curieus maar treffend voorbeeld van de verdeeldheid onder de Palestijnen.
Eenheid onder de Hamasvlag, wat een zeker einde betekent aan het toch al wankele vredesproces, is echter ook geen aanlokkelijk alternatief.

West Bank and Gaza in different time zones
Date: 30 / 08 / 2008  Time:  15:22

Gaza - Ma'an - Gaza ended daylight savings time at midnight on Friday, and the West Bank will change its clocks back one hour on Monday 1 September.

Even though only three days separate the time change in the two territories, (On Saturday it will be three o'clock in the West Bank and two o'clock in Gaza) the difference is disturbing Palestinian citizens.

Palestinians hope that this holy month Ramadan will put an end to the internal division. They want all citizens and politicians in both parts of the country to use one telescope to see the crescent moon that will announce the start of the month of fasting.

The decisions on when to end daylight savings time came from the de facto government in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority caretaker government for the West Bank respectively.

One university student in Gaza noted that, in terms of time, Gaza and the West Bank are as far away from each other as Saudi Arabia and Morocco, "and that is nonsense," she said.

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