dinsdag 2 september 2008

Hamas roept Arabische landen op Jeruzalem te bevrijden

'Vredespartner' Hamas roept de Arabische staten op om een nieuwe oorlog tegen Israël te beginnen.

Hamas calls Arab countries to send armies to Jerusalem
1 September 2008
Website of  Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades - the armed branch of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).
 www. alqassam.ps/english/?action=showdetail&fid=1194

Hamas movement called the Arab countries to send troops to liberate Jerusalem, In a press conference in Gaza, Hamas spokesperson, Ismail Radwan, said that the Arab countries should send its armies to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque rather than to send troops to Gaza.

Radwan's comment came as a response to a question on the Hamas attitude on an Egyptian suggestion to send Arab troops to Gaza.

In an interview with the Cairo based "October" magazine, the FM of Egypt, Ahmed Abu Al-Ghait suggested deploying Arab troops in the Gaza Strip to halt any internal Palestinian fighting and to prevent any Israeli aggression.

In the same press conference, Hamas described on Sunday that the Abbas-Olmert meeting in Jerusalem as "failed efforts and absurd meeting".

Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that Hamas is "satisfied for the (PA-Israeli) failing of the negotiations."

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, met today in Jerusalem and talked on several issues including the final status issues.

Hamas denounced the PA arrests against its members in the West Bank, asserting that such arrests restrict the efforts of launching a comprehensive national dialogue.

PA arrested several Hamas members in the West Bank under a security justification the same in Gaza in which Hamas is still detains tens of Fateh members.

Radwan criticized the PA "political arrests", while Hamas arrests several political officials including Gaza Governor Mohammed Al-Qidwa and Khanyounis Governor Osama Al-Farra.

Hamas spokesperson criticized the running strike in the civil servant sector, including Education and Health.

Fateh loyalist employees launch a general strike in response to what they say "Hamas practices and humiliation against them."

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