woensdag 20 augustus 2008

Dialoog tussen 5 Palestijnse partijen voor herstellen eenheid

Wat betekent dit voor het vredesproces met Israël? De samenstelling van het nieuwe comité belooft niet veel goeds. Zal Abbas eisen dat de eventuele nieuwe eenheidsregering het vredesproces goedkeurt, eerdere overeenkomsten tussen Israël en de PLO honoreert en geweld tegen Israël veroordeelt? Wat Abbas doet voor vrede houdt al niet echt over, dus als hij wat dat betreft nog eens Hamas en de andere radikale facties tegemoet moet komen dan blijft er helemaal niets meer over.

5 party "honour charter" committee meets in Gaza, puts dialogue in motion
Date: 16 / 08 / 2008  Time:  16:05
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Gaza - Ma'an -The committee proposed by the Crisis Unit on Thursday met in Gaza on Saturday where they discussed the issue of national dialogue and begin writing an "Honour Charter," to govern factional cooperation.

The committee is composed of members of Palestine's leftist parties, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) the Palestine People's Party (PPP), along with Islamic Jihad, and Hamas.

During the meeting, held at PFLP headquarters, it was agreed that the committee would meet with Fatah representatives on Monday in order to present their findings, and to form a higher committee to discuss the file.

Two of the major points of agreement in the meeting were; speeding up the comprehensive national dialogue, and that the national conciliation document and Cairo declaration were solid documents that would be good starting points for discussion.

During this meeting a number of general principles were agreed on

1- Forming a national unity government
2- Rebuilding security forces on national and professional bases.
3- Activating the Palestinian Legislative Council in accordance with the basic law and its internal system and respecting the results of the elections.
4- Rebuilding PLO organizations by holding elections in accordance with what was stated in the national conciliation document and Cairo declaration.

In their statement, the five factions that took part in the meeting said that there should be steps in place leading towards a meaningful national dialogue. The first of these, they said, is halting factional media smear campaigns, and ensuring the immediate release of all political prisoners in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Third would be to begin working on forming a national committee in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to deal with the file of the political prisoners and forming a committee of the five factions to put the comments of each concern forward to the issue of the dialogue.

According to senior PFLP leader Kayid Al-Ghoul, the multi-factional make-up of the committee was part of an agreement reached within the Crisis Unit (established to monitor the truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza) during their Thursday meeting. They also agreed to seek the approval from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on the make-up of the committee.

The committee, now awaiting approval, will be in charge of studying the case of each of the political prisoners that have been detained in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The committee will also compose an "honour charter" that will first prohibit politically-motivated detentions, and lay out ground rules for the settlement of future disputes.

The left wing parties and Islamic Jihad suggest that an interim Palestinian government should be entrusted to run the country and prepare for presidential and legislative elections.
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