zaterdag 9 februari 2008

Palestijnse verzetscomité's roepen Israël op het zuiden te evacueren

Alle Palestijnse 'verzetsgroepen' vinden dat heel Israël geëvacueerd moet worden, zodat de Palestijnen er kunnen gaan wonen en er eindelijk vrede is.


PRC: Residents of southern Israel should evacuate
Published: 02.08.08, 11:29

A senior Popular Resistance Committees official, Abu Abir, claimed responsibility for the rocket barrages against southern Israel earlier in the day on behalf of his organization. Abu Abir told Ynet he urges the residents of Sderot and other southern communities to evacuate from their homes.

"What was up until now is nothing compared to what will be. We call on them to evacuate for their safety and the safety of their children," he said.
(Ali Waked)

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