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Arabisch Parlement wil embargo op Palestijnen doorbreken

Hoe vaak komen de woorden 'Zionist entity' en 'Zionist enemy' voor in onderstaande tekst? Het lijkt welhaast of de oude tijden terug zijn, waarin Arabische leiders het woord 'Israël' niet over hun lippen konden krijgen.
Hoe zat dat alweer met dat de Arabieren inmiddels bereid waren tot vrede met Israël, en al die verhalen over 'de Joden de zee in drijven' verleden tijd zijn? Oh sorry, dit is natuurlijk slechts voor interne consumptie, en mooie praatjes tegenover Westerse journalisten geven een veel betrouwbaarder beeld van wat men denkt.
[De oprichting van het Arabische Parlement in 2005:]
Arab parliament meets in Cairo
DECEMBER 29, 2005
http: //english.aljazeera.net/English/archive/archive?ArchiveId=17478

The Arab world's first regional parliament has held its inaugural meeting in Cairo but officials say it could be many years before the new institution gains enough power to influence events in the region.

The Arab Leaque's Amr Moussa opened the session

The 88 members, four from the parliaments or advisory councils of each Arab League member, met at the league's Cairo headquarters for a session on Tuesday addressed by Amr Moussa, the league's secretary-general and Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president.

The interim parliament has no binding legislative authority and can give its opinion only on matters referred to it by the Arab League council, which represents Arab governments.

Based in Syria, it will meet twice a year.


Arab Parliament calls for breaking embargo imposed on Palestinian People
Saturday, February 02, 2008 - 08:35 PM
www. sana.sy/eng/22/2008/02/02/159162.htm

CAIRO,  ( SANA - Syrian news agency ) The Arab Parliament has stressed support of the Palestinian people's resistance to the Zionist occupation for being a legitimate right acknowledged by all divine and human charters including the United Nations Charter.

Wrapping up its first extraordinary session for 2008 today, the parliament called on Arab and Islamic states to cut any relations or contacts with the enemy and full commitment with the Arab boycott. It also called on regional and international juristic and human organizations to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the crimes of the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people and provide all kinds of support to the Palestinians.

The Parliament urged the United Nations Secretary General to assume his responsibilities to put an end to the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the Zionist occupation to the Palestinian people as soon as possible and stressed the need for UN Security Council to fully shoulder responsibilities to stop the massacres in Palestine and end the occupation in implementation of its resolutions.

The Arab Parliament condemned the Zionist official announcement of Judaization of Israel, considering it as a racial call. It also condemned support of the US President George W. Bush to this racial call. It called on all Arab countries to break the embargo imposed on the Palestinian people, especially the Gaza Strip and to increase humanitarian support to overcome the disaster imposed by the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian people.

The Arab Parliament decided to form a committee to investigate the crimes of the Zionist entity against humanity and the war crimes, genocide and racism and presenting results of this investigation to the Arab Parliament, the Arab League, the United Nations, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and to the regional and international concerned organizations.

The Parliament asked all Arab media to intensify programs with the aim of exposing practices of the Zionist enemy and unveiling its crimes against humanity, demanding all international media to abide by human moral values in their coverage of the Zionist crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

It authorized the Committee of External, Political and National Security Affairs to prepare a special file containing a comprehensive assessment of the Palestinian cause, specifically the Arab vision towards it in a way that preserves the Palestinian people's full rights including the right to return their home in accordance with the General Assembly resolution No. (194).

The Parliament called Arab countries and parliaments to intensify their contacts with all regional and international groups and with countries of the world according to a continued plan to mobilize support for the efforts exerted to end the Zionist occupation and aggression on the Palestinian people.

It considered its sessions as an open to follow developments of the Palestinian situation and authorizing the Parliament Speaker to implement this resolution.
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