woensdag 23 januari 2008

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza [DryBones]

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Dry Bones cartoon: ignoring the bombing of Sderot.
When I sketched out this cartoon I planned to include a line about Sderot having been bombed "for two years" ...or was it three?, I wasn't sure how long it actually has been. So I checked. It turns out that the people in Sderot have been under missile attack for more than seven years!! I couldn't believe it!

Embarrassed at my own ignorance I just used the phrase "non-stop terrorist bombing" in the cartoon.

When we withdrew from Gaza, driving thousands of people from their homes because they were Jews, we assumed that Gazans would get on with building a Palestinian entity on the "liberated" land... and if they attacked us, well then we'd be free to respond.

This morning I saw a clip of a Gazan newscast in which, dramatically, right in the middle of the broadcast, the Palestinian newsroom was plunged into darkness. The fact that the microphone and the TV camera continued to function and that the broadcast was not interrupted led me to believe that the "loss of electricity" was probably implemented by a stagehand with his finger on the light switch.





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