woensdag 4 juli 2007

Saoedische Vredesinitiatief dood volgens Arabische topdiplomaten

Het Arabische vredesplan, dat eerder dit jaar door Saoedi-Arabië naar voren werd gebracht, is alweer van de baan. Israël reageerde aanvankelijk lauw maar noemde het ook een basis voor verdere onderhandelingen en stelde voor met alle Arabische staten die dit wilden om de tafel te zitten. Saoedi-Arabië heeft ieder direct contact met Israël echter categorisch van de hand gewezen. Inmiddels heeft Saoedi-Arabië het plan volgens ingewijden ingetrokken, onder andere vanwege de verdeeldheid onder de Palestijnen.

"The Saudi Plan Is Dead": Senior Saudi Officials Admit to Israel that the Initiative Is No Longer Relevant
Uri Yablonka Ma'ariv-Hebrew 4 July 2007
(Summary by Daily Alert - July 4, 2007
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
www.dailyalert.org )

Israel's hope to reach an understanding on a political settlement together with the countries of the Arab League has run aground. Senior political officials in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan announced in closed meetings with senior Israelis that the "Saudi Initiative," which Prime Minister Olmert sees as a basis for an agreement, is presently dead, and that as long as the chaos continues within the Palestinian Authority, there is no point in pursuing this avenue. These clarifications were received by senior Israeli political and defense officials.

An internal document from the Foreign Ministry of July 2 says that Saudi Arabia has significantly changed its policy toward Israel and the PA. "Saudi reluctance to express clear support for Abbas and his new government reflects Saudi opposition to Abbas' policy to isolate Hamas," the document says. It further notes that the Saudis are very disappointed by the rapid failure of the Mecca Agreement brokered between Hamas and Fatah earlier this year. The document states that Israel should stop using the term "the Saudi Initiative."

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