dinsdag 8 november 2011

Israeli's redden weer de wereld

Er wordt beweerd dat Joden de knapste koppen ter wereld hebben, en van Marx tot Freud tot Einstein is aan die indruk moeilijk te ontkomen. Ze slepen tot nu toe dan ook 30% van alle Nobelprijzen in de wacht. Geen probleem is te klein voor ze, of te groot, zoals onderstaand veelbelovend vaccin tegen kanker.
Nu nog een Heilig Land Verdubbelaar uitvinden, en dan is nog een probleem opgelost.

Israelis saving the world - again



From Israel21c:


As we get older, modern medicine will help more of us live with cancer rather than die from it. That's the assumption behind a vaccine to treat cancer, being developed by a pharmaceutical company in Israel.

Vaxil BioTherapeutics' main product, ImMucin, is now in advanced clinical trials at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem.

CEO Julian Levy tells ISRAEL21c that this therapeutic vaccine doesn't prevent cancer from invading, but activates and enhances the body's natural immune system to seek and destroy cancer cells already present in the body, such as those lingering after cancer surgery.

Malignant cells normally get out of control by tricking the immune system not to notice them, a strategy that works especially well in older people because immune systems get less efficient with age.

The vaccine is currently being tested against a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. However, Vaxil's scientific breakthrough is based on a drug platform, VaxHit, which can be tailored to treat not only 90 percent of cancers, he says, but also diseases such as tuberculosis.

This disease is cropping up in developing nations as existing vaccines are proving less and less effective.

"Two billion are affected by the pathogen," says Levy. "Ten percent will develop the active disease. And while TB can be treated by drugs, it takes several months and it can be brutal."

According to Levy, the vaccine presents no side effects, and can be taken indefinitely, like vitamins. ImMucin is designed to overcome cancer cells that mutate, rendering other drugs ineffective.

Depending on the outcome of clinical trials, the ImMucin vaccine could be ready and marketable within the next six years. It could have major implications for the treatment of leading killers like prostate and breast cancer.


A promotional video by Vaxil can be seen here.

Remember, BDSers, to demand your doctor not use Israeli products when treating your loved ones for deadly diseases. By using Israeli products to save the lives of the ones you love you are helping to promote the worst human rights abuses known to man. You wouldn't want to do that. It would be evil and wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! 

Instead, consider the medical benefits of camel urine. This wonderful technology is being pushed by a country that is not nearly as oppressive as Israel.


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