zaterdag 17 september 2011

Kolonisten sturen honden en wilde varkens op Palestijnen af, volgens Abbas


Nee, het NOS journaal liet dit fragment van Abbas’ speech niet zien. Daar legt Sander van Hoorn uit dat de Palestijnen, omdat onderhandelen geen resultaat heeft opgeleverd, nu via de VN proberen een einde te maken aan de bezetting van hun land. Maar in Abbas’ rede zat het wel, al meldt het officiële Palestijnse persburo dit niet in haar artikel over de speech.





Abbas accuses Jews of releasing Zionist pigs against his people! (updated)

The PA's official Wafa news agency has an article talking about Mahmoud Abbas' much heralded speech this evening where he declared that he would go to the Security Council in his bid for recognition.

But while it quotes or paraphrases a large percentage of his speech, there is one part that they left out.

According to a number of people tweeting the speech live, Abbas accused settlers of releasing trained dogs and wild hogs to attack Palestinian Arabs!

Yes, the putative leader of a quasi-state, in a much anticipated and important speech, used this opportunity to push absurd conspiracy theories.

It was so ridiculous that even his own official news agency seems to be too embarrassed to publish it (update: they did publish the transcript but ignored that part in the main article about the speech.)

If you want to see the ultimate list of Zionist conspiracy theories involving animals, here it is. Maybe next time he'll mention the sharks or jellyfish.

UPDATE: The text of the speech is out; I found this version at PNN. Here's the autotranslation of what he said:

What we want is to end the occupation and tend legitimacy for, occupation and practices is the nightmare that is holding our hearts, as reflected these practices continued raids and arrests and the building of walls and demolition of houses, and the intensification of settlement activities, and attacks the settlers of Bakla trees and burning of mosques and the latest training dogs to attack us and send the wild pigs to wreak land corrupt, three things which the settlers will confront us: When any person Siatdon find it, well its streets and dogs, and pigs for the uprooting of trees, in addition of course to the tanks.


(h/t Challah Hu Akbar)



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