woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Syriërs beschieten Palestijns vluchtelingenkamp


Toegegeven, het heeft ook Trouw en de Telegraaf gehaald. NRC hield het bij een algemeen artikel onder de kop:

“Syrische kustplaats opnieuw doelwit regeringsleger” waarin een zinnetje aan de Palestijnen werd gewijd. Ik wacht met smart op de verontwaardigde reacties van de bekende apologeten van de Palestijnen.





Syrians forcing Palestinian Arabs to flee camps


Now Lebanon quotes Shaam News Network:

The Syrian army is calling on residents in Latakia’s refugee camps in and in the Raml and Saknatouri neighborhoods to evacuate the region. They are threatening to consider everyone that remains an opponent.

So the PalArabs are running for their lives:

Thousands of Palestinians fled their refugee camp in Latakia, AFP cited UNRWA as saying.

And some were killed:

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, is gravely concerned about reports of heavy gunfire from Syrian security forces into the Palestinian refugee camp situated in the El Ramel district and surrounding areas of Latakia, including heavy fire from gunboats. Reports from various sources indicate deaths and casualties among the Palestinian refugee population, although poor communications make it impossible to confirm the exact number of dead and injured.



All of this is happening among Syria's larger assault on Latakia and, today, Homs.

The irony of Arabs forcing their Palestinian brethren to flee their homes is being lost on the Arab people, apparently.

Some 42 civilians have been killed over the past day in Syria.


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