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Twee Arabische tieners aangeklaagd voor brandstichting bij Akko


Naar schatting van de brandweer werd 40 tot 50% van de recente golf bosbranden in Israel moedwillig aangestoken, een behoorlijk aantal.



2 Israeli Arab youth indicted for arson in case of wildfire near Acre

Fire causes estimated 12,000 shekels ($3,100) in damage • 15 trees damaged • Youths hail from Judeida-Makr near Acre • Indictment says motive nationalistic • Israel Fire and Rescue Service estimates 40-50% of recent wildfires caused by arson.

Daniel Siryoti and Israel Hayom Staff


Bushes burn in the wave of wildfires near Haifa last week. | Photo credit: KOKO

The Haifa District Attorney's Office on Friday indicted two 17-year-olds Israeli Arabs from Judeida-Makr, a village near Acre, on charges of arson.

According to the indictment, on Nov. 27, the accused lit matches in a grove next to Moshav Ahihud, which borders their village, and threw them on a pile of dry leaves and twigs. This sparked a fire that spread and destroyed nearby vegetation and damaged 15 trees. The fire caused an estimated 12,000 shekels ($3,100) in damages before it was extinguished by the Israel Fire and Rescue Services with the help of two firefighting aircraft.

The indictment, filed by Attorney Muhammad Mula in the Haifa Juvenile District Court, says the motive behind the act was nationalistic.

Many fires broke out in various parts of the country in the few days prior to the teens' arrest, the indictment said. These wildfires ravaged entire regions of brush and forest and severely damaged property.

This is the first indictment since last week's wildfires raged nationwide. The Israel Fire and Rescue Service estimates that 40-50% of the fires were the result of arson.


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