zaterdag 28 november 2015

Van "koudbloedige moord" tot "heldhaftige actie" van Palestijnse terroristen


In de Palestijnse samenleving is er brede steun voor het steken met messen van willekeurige Joodse Israeli’s, maar men weet ook dat dit in het Westen niet altijd wordt begrepen. Vandaar dat de berichtgeving in het Arabisch nog wel eens verschilt van die in het Engels. In het Engels probeert men – het mag niet verbazen – de schuld weer helemaal bij Israel te leggen en de daders als slachtoffers van de kolonisten neer te zetten. In het Arabisch zijn de daders helden.

Ondertussen wordt er in Westerse media sowieso nauwelijks nog over bericht, want we hebben nu onze eigen problemen met terrorisme, en die terroristen zijn uiteraard geheel verschillend van die in de straten van Jeruzalem.






"Murdered in cold blood" vs. "heroic operation"


Yesterday, there was a distinct difference of reporting in Arabic on the 16-year old girl who was killed while trying to stab Jews at the Hawara checkpoint.

Fatah, and later the PA itself, said that the shooting was a "war crime" and that the Israelis planted the knife.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned killing Qatannani and a taxi driver near Jericho who was identified as Sahdi Khasib.

The ministry’s press release said, “This phenomenon has become clear to everyone; any settler has to only shout the word ‘terrorist’ before Israeli soldiers open fire immediately at any Palestinian without investigating the accuracy of settlers’ allegations.”

Every time, the same kind of knife is placed next to the body of killed Palestinians; as if every Palestinian who attempts to stab an Israeli buys or has the same knife.”

The ministry affirmed it will intensify efforts to highlight this ‘radical phenomenon’ and expose the deception behind it.


The PA foreign ministry of course is concerned with the message that gets out to the world. But internally, news media like Palestine Today praised the attacks, interviewing the father of the girl who said that she had talked about doing exactly that, asking which knives in the house were the sharpest and saying she wanted her organs donated.



Today we are seeing the same phenomenon with the stabbing attack by two Arab women in Jerusalem who attacked shoppers - including  a 70-year old Arab mistaken for a Jew - at the famous Machane Yehuda market (a previous location of terror attacks which is west of the Green Line.) Both were shot, one died.

Fatah says they were shot "in cold blood."

Palestine Today calls it a "heroic operation," lauding the wounds that they managed to inflict on the shoppers.

You know which meme will be pushed by the PA's foreign ministry.


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