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Khaybar: nieuwe antisemitische dramaserie op Arabische TV


Het is mij en vele anderen al jaren een doorn in het oog dat organisaties als Amnesty International en Human Rights Watch, die op veel gebieden goed werk verrichten, zo eenzijdig en bevooroordeeld zijn wat betreft Israel-Palestina. Elder of Ziyon is nu een petitie gestart waarin hen wordt verzocht een voorbeeld van rabiate Jodenhaat in de Arabische wereld te veroordelen. De antisemitische propaganda in Arabische media, door politici, deskundigen en geestelijken, is een belangrijke oorzaak voor het voortduren van het conflict. Hoezeer Arabieren onderling in de clinch liggen, de haat voor Joden en Israel is een van de dingen die hen bindt, en daar wordt door Arabische machthebbers dankbaar gebruik van gemaakt. Vind je ook dat AI en HRW niet alleen Israelische wandaden, maar ook misstanden van Arabische zijde moeten veroordelen, teken dan de petitie .






Khaybar screenwriter: "Jewish community based on fraud and deceit" 


Al Ahram has another interview with someone involved in the upcoming antisemitic TV series "Khaybar," and as usual the Jew-hatred that the series will exhibit is being displayed in all its ugliness. See below for what you can do about it. 


The screenwriter, Yusri Al-Jindi, describes how he means for the miniseries to show the deceit of Jews from the time of Moses until today, concentrating on the interactions between the Jewish community of Khaybar and the early Muslims who ended up massacring them.

Al Jindi says that for thousands of years, Jews have been winning not because of their strength but because of the weakness of others, so they have always been working on the fragmentation and weakening of the Arab societies in all forms, since the era of Mohammed until now.

The writer goes on to say that the Jewish community from the outset has been based on fraud and deceit and foul traits, ideas and styles, from the days of Moses until the present time. The Jews do not want peace in the world, and this has been their approach for three thousand years old; the Jews have not changed since the Old Testament, according to al-Jindi. He continued on that the Jews are known for breaking promises and ignoring agreements, as they are today in the Sinai.

Al-Jindu adds that Jews do not know how to live in a society of peace, and they have been behind every calamity that has ever occurred in the Arab and Islamic world. Unfortunately there are those who consider them peace partners, but this is a lie - the Jews want to exclude all others so that they can live on this earth alone.

Arab projection of their own traits onto Jews (Elder's First Rule of Arab and Islamic Projection) is rarely this obvious.

The Khaybar mini-series is scheduled to air in mid-July - less than six weeks away. This upcoming incitement against the Jewish people that will be seen by perhaps hundreds of millions of Arabs.

While it was condemned by the Middle East Foundation of Peace and Justice, still not a single major "human rights" NGO has condemned this upcoming hatefest on Arab TV.

If NGOs, governments in the EU and others who say they want peace in the Middle East cannot bring themselves to unequivocally condemn this blatant example of Jew-hatred that will be broadcast to so many, how can Israel expect any of them to treat it honestly and fairly?

Indeed, how can Israel be expected to treat these NGOs with any respect when they refuse to condemn even the most vicious examples of Arab and Islamic Jew-hatred? 


I just started a Change.Org petition to convince Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to condemn this mini-series. Please visit and sign, and tell your friends to do it as well. If HRW and Amnesty must be shamed into doing what their own mandates require, so be it.


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