dinsdag 27 maart 2012

'Mensenrechtenraad' VN blijft geobsedeerd door Israel


Vanavond meldde het journaal dat Israel niet meewerkt met het nieuwe onderzoek van de VN ‘mensenrechten’ raad en de onderzoekers niet zal binnenlaten. Deze raad is natuurlijk een farce met leden als het onlangs toegelaten Syrië en haar mooie woorden voor de mensenrechten van Libië onder Ghadaffi. Maar de media blijven deze club serieus nemen en schilderen Israel af als recalcitrant.





The UNHRC keeps its obsession with Israel going


From UN Watch:


The 47-nation UN Human Rights Council today adopted five resolutions condemning Israel, including one that creates a new “fact-finding mission” into alleged Israeli violations relating to settlements, a mandate the UN estimates will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For full texts and voting results click here.


“On the same day that the UN Human Rights Council severely watered-down a text allowing Sri Lanka to determine what advice it receives from the UN—and after the council ignored our own proposed resolutions for victims of abuses in China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe—the session directed half of all its condemnatory resolutions against one single state, Israel,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.

“Sadly, the council remains partisan, selective and politicized, and is failing its founding mission to defend the world’s victims of human rights violations.”


“The council’s new fact-finding mission on settlements–whose co-sponsors include Syria and Iran–is a fraud, with the guilty verdict determined in advance. The egregiously one-sided resolution omits any mention of officially-sanctioned Palestinian terrorism, rocket fire targeting civilians and incitement to hatred, anti-Semitism and genocide.”


“The PA and the Arab and Islamic states sponsoring the text know full well that Israel will not legitimize this latest kangaroo court, and are therefore acting with the intent to subvert, rather than advance, any prospect of a bilateral negotiated peace agreement and mutual reconciliation.”


Yes, fully half of the resolutions passed were condemning only Israel. But hey - they finally did decide to pass a resolution condemning Syria, which has killed more Arabs in a year than Israel has in two decades through two wars and an intifada.


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