vrijdag 27 november 2009

IDF verhindert bij Egyptische grens bomaanslag

Dat zogenaamde staakt het vuren dat Hamas met de 'gewapende groeperingen' in de Gazastrook zou hebben afgesproken stelt dus niet zoveel voor. Eerder al waren er Qassamraketten afgevuurd, vlak nadat Hamas de zogenaamde overeenkomst bekend maakte. Een overeenkomst die overigens door diverse gewapende groepen direct werd ontkend. Toch meldde onder andere NRC Handelsblad dit bestand, met zelfs een kort berichtje op de voorpagina. Men lijkt alles in het werk te stellen om de Palestijnen en vooral Hamas als gematigd en redelijk voor te stellen.

JPost  - The Jerusalem Post
Nov 26, 2009 20:10 | Updated Nov 26, 2009 21:32
Terror attack foiled as troops chase away man carrying bomb

An IDF bomb squad detonated a 15-kilogram explosive seized during a search conducted along the Egyptian border on Thursday.

Late Wednesday night, IDF troops on a routine patrol of the border area spotted a suspicious figure carrying a bag containing what was later discovered to be a 15-kilogram bomb.

The soldiers ordered him to stop and fired several shots in the air. However, the man fled the scene back into Egypt, dropping the bag in his haste.

IDF sources said it was possible that the suspected terrorist was from the Gaza Strip and had crossed into the Sinai Peninsula with the intention of then crossing into Israel to carry out an attack.

The military has been following attempts to carry out attacks through the 'U-route', where Gazan terrorists travel to Egypt, then turn back upon reaching Sinai and infiltrate Israel via the more penetrable Israel-Egypt border.

Channel 10 quoted security officials as assessing the device was either meant to be used in Eilat, Israel's southernmost city, or in another major Israeli city to which the suspect would have been driven, in order to perpetrate a multiple-casualty attack.

OC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant praised the soldiers' alertness and quick response.

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