woensdag 15 juli 2009

Staat Israel krijgt van hooggerechtshof nog 4 maanden voor ontruimingsplan buitenpost

Ongelooflijk hoelang de Israelische regering het slopen van illegale woningen in een buitenpost voor zich uit schuift. In 2005 was al een sloopvergunning afgegeven, dus het mag duidelijk zijn dat de kolonisten - die ook weten dat ze daar illegaal zitten - niet goedschiks wensen te vertrekken.


The Jerusalem Post
Jul 13, 2009 12:06 | Updated Jul 13, 2009 12:18
'State has 4 months to establish illegal outposts removal plan'

The state will have four months to come up with a planned schedule for the evacuation of 18 structures in West Bank settlements, a Supreme Court panel headed by Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch ruled Monday morning.

In their decision, justice Beinisch as well as justices Elyakim Rubinstein and Yoram Danziger, wrote that "under these circumstances…the state should have carried out the warrants [ordering the buildings' destruction], or at the very least produce an abiding timetable, as part of its basic duty to uphold the law."

The justices wrote they contemplated issuing a binding warrant, but in the end decided to allot the state four more months during which discussions will be held with tenants facing evacuation.

The petition regarding the buildings was submitted by the Peace Now movement four years ago. It protested six buildings in the illegal outpost of Haresha and a dozen buildings erected in Yuval, another illegal settlement.

The state claimed that demolition warrants were issued and awaited implementation after a work-plan would be drafted. In a later discussion, the state claimed it was mapping the new construction site and was intending to produce a time-line for enforcing the law.

Last year, the state detailed its planned course of action regarding the settlements. The justices wrote that the state's preference to avoid forceful evacuation was "understandable" and also showed understanding for the "many different measures needed to prevent [those building illegally in the West Bank] from breaking the law."

"However," the justices wrote, "more than four years have passed since the petition was submitted; the state's consistent stand from early on in the discussion of the petition has been that the buildings were built illegally, some on private land. A demolition warrant regarding the buildings was issued back in 2005."

The court decided not to issue an immediate demolition warrant, because "the tenants have their own arguments and it is undeniable that hearings including all parties involved should be held prior to demolition." The court therefore gave the state an additional four months in order to hold all necessary hearings "before we give a final ruling on the petition."

The court will reconvene in four months to discuss further measures regarding the Peace Now petition.

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