woensdag 1 april 2009

Islam les op Al-Jazeera leert Jodenhaat

Dit werd uitgezonden op Al Jazeera, volgens velen een objectieve TV zender. De spreker is een geestelijke uit Saoedi-Arabië.

Muslim education on Al-Jazeera

Khaled Al-Khlewi: How old are you, Omar?
Omar: Eight years old.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: Do you like the Jews?
Omar: No.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: You hate them. Why do you hate them? What did the Jews do?
Omar: They wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: Well done. They wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad. And what are they doing to our Muslim brothers now? They are killing them. When you curse them, what do you say? "Oh God…"?
Omar: Oh God, destroy the Jews.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: Well done. "And support…"?
Omar: The Muslims.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: The Muslims. Well done, my dear. Do you want to come with me to Saudi Arabia? I have a son like you, called Abdallah. You can play with him. Will you come with me? Will you give me this nice jacket you are wearing? Let me give you some water… May Allah protect you. I will give you this book and some water. Goodbye, my dear.

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