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Speech president Shimon Peres bij begrafenis Israelische slachtoffers Mumbai terreuraanval

Het zal zeker geen toeval zijn dat een Joods religieus centrum in Mumbai tot de doelwitten van de terroristen behoorde.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

President Peres at the Burial Ceremony for Victims of the Terror Attack at the Chabad House in Mumbai:
"The Whole World Must Answer Moishe, Who is Asking, 'Where is My Mother?'"

President Shimon Peres took part today in a burial ceremony that was held at Kfar Chabad alongside the Chief Rabbis of Israel and other prominent rabbis. President Peres gave a special eulogy in memory of the six victims of the murderous terror attack at the Chabad House in Mumbai.

The President's Remarks are Below:

For several days now, the whole world has had to answer the question of a small child, Moishe, who is asking, "Where is my mother?" We all need to be able to answer clearly why little Moishe's mother was murdered. The world will not know calm, and will not be able to be a world of quiet and peace, a world of believers, a world of decent people, until we can give a clear answer to Moishe's question.

I saw Rivky's face, I saw Rabbi Gavriel's face; modest people, glowing faces, who had nothing but nevertheless gave everything out of an uncommon generosity. They did not seek wealth or prestige, only the light of the Torah, which they brought forth to the ends of the earth as emissaries of the Jewish people to bring salvation and hope. They did not want to force anything on their fellow man and they did not ask for anything. This was the greatest mission for a believing person, a Jew.

I was privileged to see the Lubavitcher Rebbe and to meet with him and I know that the Rebbe would not let anybody despair, nor would he let anybody cast doubt; in this way, faith will triumph. But Moishe's question is still awaiting an answer. Throughout the world are scattered hotels, kindergartens, schools, and houses of prayer, and no state is immune to terror. The world is divided into two: places in which people are as cruel as animals, and places in which people know that they were created in the image of God. We need to tear out terror at the root without hesitation and without equivocation. I don't understand how it is possible to accept a state like Iran, which constitutes a nest and a hotbed for terror and which calls for the destruction of Israel, as a member of the international community and of the United Nations. If the whole world cannot stand up to one man with a strong, meaningful stance, and if the world will not fight with a war of boycotts against all places in which there is money that is financing terror, then the peace and quiet of the world will be in danger. Terror represents an epidemic that we must stop and we must eradicate.

We, the Jewish people, have known sadness and martyrdom. We never lost our humanity and we never supported murder. Terror is not just a problem for the Jewish people or for the State of Israel; it is a problem and a danger for the entire world. From this point must emanate a clear cry to stop the insanity, to stop the terror and to provide a clear answer to Moishe. The answer to Moishe needs to be given by the whole world, because if not, we will not be able to live in a world of peace and security. The world must answer why a wonderful woman like Rivky was killed, why a holy man like Gavriel was killed, and why Moishe is left an orphan.

We will not rest and we will not relax until an answer is found. With us today are the Ambassador of India and the Deputy Ambassador Of the United States to Israel. It is incumbent on us to remember today that together with those of the Jewish people who were killed, Indian citizens, American citizens, and citizens of many states throughout the world were also murdered. In the name of the Jewish people, we offer our condolences to all of the victims of the terror attack in Mumbai. Our hearts grieve over the murder of those innocent of any crime. We also seek to comfort the Indian families whose loved ones, in their attempts to save our loved ones, were killed during the terror acts. We are one people, we are one world. Nonetheless to the family - to the grandfather and grandmother, Moishe does not just bring a question; he also brings consolation, that he will grow up and will continue the important mission of Chabad, which travels to all corners of the world to save souls through the compassion of their emissaries. The whole nation weeps today, and together with Moishe all of our people ask his question: "where is my mother?"

President Peres also transmitted a special letter to the President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Patil, in which he expressed his sadness over the murderous terrorist attacks that took place in Mumbai and offered his condolences to the victims. He also thanked the Indian government for their rescue efforts during the attack and promised that Israel will stand beside India in the fight against terrorism.



Jerusalem, 1 December 2008

Dear Madam President,

I was deeply shocked and saddened by the murderous terrorist attack in Mumbai, which claimed the lives of so many innocent people, among them citizens of India, Israel, and many western countries.

Global terrorism is a major threat that must be combated without let-up. The terrorists are the fanatical enemies of peace and stability to which we aspire and the values that we hold dear. Therefore, it is essential that all of us unite in this vital battle for freedom and human dignity. You can be sure, Madam President, that Israel stands together with India in this crucially important fight to eradicate terrorism. Israel very much appreciates the heroic efforts of India's security forces, despite the adverse conditions and the casualties, to rescue the hostages and defeat the terrorists who carried out the atrocity in Mumbai.

Please allow me to extend to Your Excellency, on behalf of the people of Israel and myself, our heartfelt sympathy and, through you, our sincere condolences to the bereaved families and our wishes for a speedy recovery for the injured.

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.


Shimon Peres
Her Excellency
Mrs. Pratibha Patil
President of the Republic of India

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