vrijdag 18 juli 2008

Kuntar woont ceremonie bij aan graf Mugniyeh

Wie achter de aanslag op Mugniyeh zat is nog niet opgehelderd, maar als Kuntar hem ooit achterna gaat (dwz. de lucht in middels autobom), dan zal daar zeker Israël achter zitten. Israëlische functionarissen hebben hem naar verluid (anoniem) al tot schietschijf verklaard. Het zou werkelijk iedereen behagen, want ook Kuntar zelf sterft graag een martelaarsdood!

Lebanon: Kuntar attends ceremony at Mugniyah's grave
Detainees released by Israel in framework of prisoner exchange take part in military ceremony at gravesite of assassinated Hizbullah commander. Former member of Kuntar's terror cell: We will return to Palestine one day
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.17.08, 13:00
The five Lebanese prisoners freed by Israel in the framework of the exchange deal with Hizbullah, including Samir Kuntar, took part in a military ceremony held at the burial site of Imad Mugniyah, a top commander of the Shiite group who was assassinated in Damascus a few months ago.
The five wore Hizbullah military uniforms and kissed Mugniyah's family members. The father of the slain commander congratulated Kuntar on his release. The terrorist, who was imprisoned in Israel for nearly 30 years after being convicted of killing four Israelis during a cross-border raid on Nahariya, said in response "we owe this victory to you and Imad.
"We swear in the name of the almighty Allah and in the name of your pure blood that we will continue in this path and never give up until we reach the place that was given to you by God," Kuntar said, referring to what is dubbed by Islamic militants as a "martyr's death".
Meanwhile, Hizbullah is carrying on with the process of identifying the bodies of the 199 Lebanese and Palestinian gunmen returned by Israel Wednesday.
Ahmad el-Abras, who was part of the terror cell that carried out the deadly attack in Nahariya, relayed a message to Kuntar during an interview with Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV. "I'm filled with pride. We will return to Palestine one day, despite what everyone else believes," he said. 

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