vrijdag 18 juli 2008

Brief aan het Libanese volk

Ik kan een heel eind meegaan in de Israëlische woede over de Libanezen. De feestvreugde over de vrijlating van kindermoordenaar Kuntar en de 4 Hezbollah strijders lijkt breed verspreid. Heeft dit iets van doen met een Stockholm syndroom? Dit zijn lieden die Libanon in 2 desastreuze oorlogen met Israël getrokken hebben; men zou toch eerder verwachten dat ze in pek en veren het land weer uit gejaagd zouden worden!
Een derde Libanonoorlog is helaas al in voorbereiding, en de Libanezen zouden er beter aan doen voor die tijd wat extra afstand te scheppen tussen hun en Hezbollah.

Letter to the Lebanese people
Uri Orbach writes open letter to people of Lebanon, whose national hero is a child-killer
Uri Orbach
Published: 07.17.08, 07:59

Israel has no disagreement over borders with you, the Lebanese people, yet we certainly have a big dispute when it comes to your moral boundaries. We identified the bodies of our Udi and Eldad within a few hours. And how about you? For 30 years now you have failed to identify who your Samir Kuntar is.
It has been 30 years yet you still cannot distinguish between a national hero and a-child killer. For you, it's enough that someone killed a Jew, even if it happens to be a young girl from Nahariya, in order for you to welcome him with great honor.
You are celebrating your "victory" and show contempt to our pain. One more triumph like this and you shall be lost. While going from one victory to the next, you are stuck with your misery and fanaticism.
With every proud display and rally for your heroes, you are being taken over the by Hizbullah gang, headed by the cannibal of bodies, Sheikh Nasrallah. The fire coming out of this bramble has been eating up Lebanon's cedars for years now.
Nasrallah is a man who reveals his true face even when in hiding; he is the man who also exposes your true face.
This is a sad day in Israel, but it holds pain and restraint and pride over what we are: A fortified Jewish wall in the face of the spearhead of the Iranian madness, which is there through your silence and encouragement. The sons have returned to our borders, while the child-killer returned to your borders.
We received the bodies with great sorrow, while you joyfully received a villain. Just look at the difference between us.

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