dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Hamas en PA beschuldigen elkaar voor medicijnentekort in Gaza

De Israelische blokkade van de Gazastrook zou onder meer leiden tot een medicijnentekort, hoewel Israel zegt zulke zaken wel door te laten. Over andere mogelijke oorzaken van een medicijnentekort hoor je hier echter niets. Door Europa gedoneerde medicijnen worden door Hamas verkocht om hun partijkas te spekken.

Gaza, PA health ministries trade accusations

From Ma'an:
Gaza's health sector is on the verge of collapse due to a lack of medicine, a Gaza hospital director said Sunday.

Medhat Abbas, general director of the Ash-Shifa medical complex in Gaza City, said medical care must be separated from political disputes.

Gaza's Health Ministry has blamed its counterpart in Ramallah for a shortage of medicine in the Strip.

Bassem Naim, health minister in the Hamas-led government, said Thursday that Gaza was lacking about 40 percent of basic medicines and accused the Palestinian Authority of withholding key stocks.

PA Health Minister Fathi Abu Mughli immediately rejected the charge, and said the shortage was the result of "mismanagement" by the Hamas health ministry which he said had sacked 1,600 ministry of health employees and replaced them with people "with no experience in dealing with or storing medicine."

Gaza medical director Medhat Abbas said hundreds of patients were at risk due to the shortage of medicines, particularly those needing cancer treatment, dialysis and insulin.
As we've reported in the past, there is evidence that Hamas confiscates medicines meant for Gaza hospitals and sells them to pharmacies at a profit:
"They are as big harami as Dahlan," he said, using the Arabic slang for "thieves". "They used to be mujaheddin, but today they are fat millionaires with nice cars," he added, pointing to his flat stomach. "Look, you can either be a millionaire or you can lead a resistance. But you if you take the medical aid sent by Europe to help the poor people of Gaza and sell it in your own pharmacies to make money for yourself and the government, you can't have both."

At this point he pulled a packet of antibiotics from his pocket; it is stamped: "A gift of the people of Norway. Not for resale."

"I just bought this from a Hamas-run pharmacy here in Rafah for my son," he said. "I had to go to a Hamas pharmacy to make sure the pills weren't fake or made from poor materials in Egypt. If you want real medicine, you have to buy the aid Europe sends us."
Meanwhile, at the very same time that Hamas' medical director said that "medical care must be separated from political disputes," he accused Israel of using illegal weapons in Gaza:
Abbas said doctors examined samples taken from the bodies of those killed in the 3-week war and found evidence that Israeli forces used internationally prohibited weapons against Gaza's residents.

He condemned the silence of the international community over what he described as Israeli war crimes.
Goldstone, about 8 HRW reports, a number of Amnesty reports, many art and photo exhibits on Gaza, massive anti-Israel demonstrations in Europe, daily incitement against Israel, and entire worldwide BDS movement, highly publicized "flotillas" ... and Hamas whines that they aren't getting enough publicity!

For big, bad mujahadeen, Hamas members sure act like babies!

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