zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Tijd om Ahava producten uit Israel te kopen

Een goed initiatief van Elder of Ziyon: iedere keer dat een winkel of organisatie wordt aangevallen door antizionistische 'vredesactivisten' krijgt deze een vrije advertentie op zijn blog. Dat heeft natuurlijk pas echt effect als je, zoals EoZ, duizenden bezoekers per dag trekt, maar ik wil graag een symbolisch gebaar maken, en de advertentie voor Ahava hier overnemen. Ik hou eigenlijk niet van reclame, zet de TV en radio altijd uit als er reclame op is en erger me aan de opdringerige reclames op sommige websites. Maar voor Israelische producten maak ik graag een uitzondering, in het kader van de Buycott Israel campagne.

Time to buy Ahava products

Last night, the Ahava store in London was vandalized:

An Israeli skin care shop has had red paint thrown across its windows in a suspected targeted attack.

The Ahava store – famous for its Dead Sea products – was covered in the paint during the incident in Covent Garden, central London, on Wednesday night.

Staff discovered the damage when they arrived for work on Thursday morning.
Every time an Israeli store is vandalized by "peaceful" opponents of Israel, I will put up a free ad for that store on this blog, and I encourage other blogs to do the same.

So this is a good time to give Ahava a free ad:

UPDATE: Just for kicks, I issued a press release for this initiative. I have no idea if it will go anywhere outside the press release website, but I always wondered about how they work, so I decided to give it a shot.
Elder of Ziyon Blog offers free advertising to victims of anti-Israel aggression

In reaction to the vandalism of the Ahava store in London, the Elder of Ziyon blog announces free advertising for every Israeli store that is attacked.


PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 26, 2010 – On the night of August 25, 2010, the Ahava cosmetics store in central London was attacked by vandals who splattered red paint on its windows.

The vandals were part of a movement that wants to boycott all Israeli products.

These groups are not interested in equality, or fairness, or even in the Palestinian cause. They simply want to put a self-righteous veneer on their hatred for the existence of a Jewish state and their opposition to the Jewish right of self-determination.

In reaction, the Elder of Ziyon blog has announced a new policy: all stores and organizations that are similarly attacked will get free advertising in the blog.

It is to be hoped that all right-thinking blogs will follow suit, so that these sorts of anti-Israel and often anti-semitic stunts end up helping the intended victims.

The Elder of Ziyon blog is a popular Zionist website that draws thousands of pageviews daily. It can be read at .

The full story about the vandalism of Ahava can be seen at .
UPDATE 2: Commenter Bill mentions the Buycott campaign, which is specifically set up to support companies targetted by boycotters.

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