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Jongetje gewond door Qassam bij school Sderot

Als de Qassam raket honderd meter verderop was neergekomen, waren er niet één zwaargewonde maar tientallen doden geweest. In tegenstelling tot Israël, is dit ook precies wat Hamas en Islamitische Jihad willen: zoveel mogelijk burgers treffen en liefst doden. Je wilt er niet aan denken wat er zou gebeuren als Hamas en I.J. erin zouden slagen fatsoenlijke raketten te bouwen waarmee je goed kunt richten, die een groter bereik hebben en krachtiger explosies veroorzaken. Toch is dat hoogstwaarschijnlijk het resultaat als Israël onder de toenemende internationale druk de (gedeeltelijke) blokkade van de Gazastrook zal opheffen.

Qassam lands near Sderot school; child seriously injured
(Video) Ten-year-old boy sustains serious injuries to his arm during rocket attack on western Negev town; total of five Qassams fired toward Israeli territory from Gaza since morning hours
Shmulik Hadad - YNET
Latest Update: 02.25.08, 16:50

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A 10-year-old boy sustained serious injuries to his arm Monday when a Qassam fired by Palestinians in north Gaza landed near a school in Sderot.

The Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for the attack.

Paramedics dispatched to the scene managed to stop the bleeding and evacuate the boy to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. A number of other residents were treated for shock.

The parents of 10-year-old Yossi Haimov of Sderot received good news on Monday afternoon, after the hospital's deputy director-general, Dr. Ron Lobel, informed them that the doctors had managed to save their son's arm which was badly injured in the rocket attack.

Dr. Lobel updated the parents that the injury to Yossi's arm was very bad and caused damage to the tissues and nerves in the area.

"The surgery is not over, but as it seems at the moment, his arm was not damaged and he will be able to continue using it. He is still in the operation room," he said.

Yossi Haimov returned from school on Monday afternoon together with his eight-year-old sister, Maria. Maria later said that after returning from school, she and her brother left their bags in the house and went to visit a friend and later went out to the backyard.

"We heard the Color Red (alert system), quickly ran and hid, there was a small 'boom', and then when we came out there was once against a strong explosion. We hid near the wall and then the shrapnel hit Yossi in the shoulder and his entire shoulder was filled with blood," she said.

'Yossi didn't cry, but he said it hurts'

"We both quickly ran to a grocery store, screaming. The grocery store owner quickly called for an ambulance and they took Yossi to the hospital," Maria said.

Passerby called the children's mother, who rushed to the place from her office.

The sister continued to describe the moments of horror, "Yossi didn't cry, he only kept telling me that it hurts. I don't remember much from the injury. All I remember is that there was a lot of smoke, and when I saw Yossi's shoulder with blood I could see that his entire sholder was broken."

The children's father, Tashkent Haimov, said that he was informed of his son's injury while at work.

"I understood from the neighbors that he managed to hide behind a wall, and only his arm stuck out a little and was hurt. We were really lucky that he did not sustain more serious injuries.

"This is not the first time rockets land near our house, and our house was damaged several times. We have been living in Sderot for many years. I work in this city, my family lives here, and with every day that passes I don't know how it will end and what will happen tomorrow. This is a situation we can't continue living with," Haimov concluded.

A total of three rockets were fired towards Israel since noon. One landed in the southern town's industrial zone, another landed in a grove near a school while the third hit a residential neighborhood.

During the attack a number of propane tanks exploded and damage was caused to several structures.

Earlier, two more Qassams were fired toward Israel. One landed in Gaza and the other landed in an open field south of Ashkelon.

The Police Southern District Commander, Maj. Gen. Uri Bar-Lev, and other senior police officers established a tactical headquarters in Sderot on Monday in wake of the human chain protest by Palestinians in Gaza.

Six-thousand five-hundred police officers and border police troops deployed along the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel as well as around Gaza vicinity communities in order to aid IDF forces repel the demonstrators should they attempt to cross the border.
Ali Waked contributed to this report

First Published: 02.25.08, 14:09

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