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Meer dan 100.000 Palestijnen per jaar behandeld in Israelische ziekenhuizen


Van de 100.000 Palestijnen die in ziekenhuizen in Israel worden behandeld, betaalt de Palestijnse Autoriteit maar zo’n 10% van de kosten, volgens onderstaand bericht. De rest zou door Israel betaald worden. Waarschijnlijk zijn daar enkele nuanceringen in aan te brengen: volgens Wikipedia is er een financiële regeling hierover tussen Israel en de Palestijnse Autoriteit, en betalen sommige patiënten de behandeling zelf, of worden ze vergoed door humanitaire instanties zoals het Peres Center for Peace of Save a Child’s Heart. Dat neemt niet weg dat er in onze media zelden aandacht is voor positieve zaken in het Israelisch-Palestijns conflict.





·         Sunday, March 05, 2017

·         Elder of Ziyon

Over 100,000 Palestinian Arab patients treated in Israel in 2015 - and the Israelis pay for their treatment

Makor Rishon has a recent article that describes the statistics of Palestinian medical patients in Israel. (I found the statistics online as well from a May 2016 article in Mako.)

In 2015, Israeli hospitals treated over 97,000 Arabs from the West Bank (allowing over 100,000 people to accompany them). In addition, over 31,787 Gaza patients and escorts arrived in 2015.

At any given time there are 60-70 Gazans receiving care at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv alone.

Only 10% of the cost to care for these patients comes from the Palestinian Authority. The rest is paid for by the Israeli taxpayer.

This is while the Palestinian leadership continues to pay full salaries to terrorists and their families. But they can't be bothered to pay for medical care of their regular populace - because the Israelis will.

It is one thing to show compassion and help all people who need help. I'm happy to see sick kids get the help they need, no matter who they are.

It is another thing to be a sucker.

The EU happily pays for illegal schools and homes to be built, willy-nilly, in the West Bank that they know Israel will demolish, but does it pay for actual medical needs of Palestinians being treated in Israel? 

Why should they when they know that Israelis will pay the price? Israel gets next to no media attention for the help it gives to those who want to destroy it, but if Israel would insist on full payment, you can be sure that sob stories will be published by Reuters about how heartless Israelis are for refusing to allow unlimited Palestinian patients.

(h/t Yenta Press)


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