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Geweld Egypte 'erger dan de Holocaust'

Arabieren houden van overdrijven, is een bekend (en ook vaak waar) cliché, maar soms neemt die overdrijving wel heel groteske vormen aan....


Egypt Violence Is Not 'Worse Than the Holocaust'

It was only a matter of time before we heard this

Mohamed Soudan(Google+)

A quick way to turn public opinion against a valid and deeply troubling issue (in this case, the military's violent crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) is to widely exaggerate the death tolls. Another way is to invoke the Holocaust without credibility. Today, a Muslim Brotherhood official did both, at least, according to the Daily Caller.

Mohammed Soudan, the foreign relations secretary of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom & Justice Party, told The Daily Caller the deaths constituted "a genocide of the Egyptian people."

Soudan said "they killed 2,600 in a few hours," saying the scale was "worse than the Holocaust."

"It's more than the Germans!" he said.

The violence has been horrific, but contrary to Soudan's claim, 2,600 people were not killed in a few hours. The ironic thing, which is not funny on any level given the situation, is that Muslim Brotherhood protestors have been seeking to reinstate deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who has previously called the Holocaust "the largest swindling operation in history."

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