dinsdag 18 december 2012

Hamas twittert leugens de wereld rond over kankerbehandeling Palestijns kind


Elder of Ziyon berichtte gisteren over een Iraans bericht dat een Israelisch ziekenhuis een Palestijns kind een noodzakelijke levensreddende operatie weigerde omdat de PA weigerde de rekening te betalen. Het bericht werd door Hamas getwitterd en door velen geretweet, maar dan zonder de melding dat de PA weigerde te betalen. Inmiddels blijkt het hele bericht een fake. Waaruit maar weer eens blijkt dat Iraanse media en Hamas geen betrouwbare bronnen zijn.  





Israeli hospital flatly denies report of stopping care to Gaza cancer patient


Yesterday, I reported about a very suspicious article that originated in Iran's ABNA "news" agency that charged that an Israeli hospital "expelled" a sick Palestinian Arab girl and denied treating her for cancer. Palestine Today later claimed to interview the mother of the girl and the story was gloatingly tweeted by Hamas, where many people retweeted it as well.

As I suspected, the story is a complete fabrication. 

An EoZ reader contacted American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center and received this reply:


Your inquiry about the Kaplan Medical Center's refusal to treat a Palestinian girl because of a non-reimbursement of funds by the Palestinian Authority lacks not only facts but also is not based on the facts. Iran is not known to "love" Israel....

The Kaplan Medical Center's Children's Medical Center does not treat serious pediatric cancer cases. If the chemical or radiation treatment is not helping, the patient is referred and transferred to the Schneider Children's Hospital which specializes in these cases. This may have been the case with the sick girl in question.

If you would look at our website under: KMC IN THE NEWS you would find many cases where the KMC had saved lives of the children, regardless of their creed or provenance. 


Iranian media making up a story? Say it ain't so!

Here is one story about Kaplan treating a Gaza child who had been injured in an explosion that world media falsely blamed on Israel.



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