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Iran kan Israel in 9 minuten vernietigen

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Alireza Forghani uit Iran roept openlijk op tot een 'preventieve' aanval door Iran voordat Israel zou aanvallen. Hij legt, compleet met kaarten erbij, in detail uit hoe zo'n aanval zou moeten verlopen om een maximaal effect te bereiken. Ook rechtvaardigt hij de aanval en het doden van burgers met behulp van uitspraken van opperste leider Khomeini.
De vraag rest: wie is Alireza Forghani? Volgens Y-net (veelvuldig geciteerd door andere media en bloggers) een fanatieke blogger die bij de beruchte Basij militie heeft gezeten (de motorrijders die twee jaar terug demonstranten in elkaar sloegen), die benadrukte op eigen titel te schrijven.
Volgens Arutz-7 echter een naaste adviseur van ayatollah Khamenei, was zijn artikel door de ayatollah goedgekeurd en verscheen het op diverse officiële Iraanse websites.
Zelfs voor Iraanse begrippen is zo'n rechtstreekse oproep tot een preventieve militaire aanval en vernietiging van Israel vergaand, maar anderzijds is het ondenkbaar dat zo'n artikel in Iran zou verschijnen zonder goedkeuring van het regime.




'Iran can destroy Israel in 9 minutes'


Iranian blogger urges Tehran to exploit West's inaction to 'wipe out Israel' by 2014; lays out strategy

Dudi Cohen


02.05.12, 16:36

An Iranian blogger on Saturday urged Tehran not to delay an attack on Israel, claiming that the Islamic Republic could destroy the Jewish state in "less than nine minutes."


Alireza Forghani, a computer engineer, wrote in his essay that Tehran should exploit the West's dawdling over a strike on Iran to "wipe out Israel" by 2014 – that is, before President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's term runs out. The post was widely covered in the Iranian media on Saturday.


Forghani lays out the religious justifications for the attack and presents strategies for an offensive that would target key Israeli sites using land-to-land missiles.


The first step in the strategy, Forghani suggested, should be to launch ballistic Sijil missiles on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, as well as power stations and other energy sources, sewage facilities, airports, nuclear plants, media hubs and transportation infrastructure. In the second step, Shahab 3 and Ghader missiles should target the rest of the country's population centers. Total annihilation, he asserts, could be achieved within nine minutes.


'Killing civilians justified'

Forghani posited that targeting civilians could be justified with revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's ruling that Muslims must wage a Jihad against an enemy who attacks an Islamic nation.


"So since Israel has attacked Palestine and occupied this part of the Islamic Entity, defending the oppressed Palestinian Muslims is compulsory," Forghani wrote.


The blogger appears to quote Ynet security analyst Ron Ben-Yishai as saying that there is no spot in Israel that is not vulnerable to an Iranian missile attack, although Yishai referred in his column to the capabilities of Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah, not the Islamic Republic.


Forghani, who describes himself as an enthusiastic supporter of the Iranian government and a former member of the Revolutionary Guard's Basij militia, stressed that the opinions presented in his post are his own and do not represent the regime's position.


Dr. Raz Zimt, a research fellow at the Institute for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University, claimed that the stir that the post caused in the Iranian media might indicate the dawn of public discourse about a preemptive strike on Israel. The article might also signify the effect that the global discussion about a possible military operation in Iran has on the Islamic Republic.  

The post was released on the same day that Iran's Revolutionary Guard began naval maneuvers in the latest show of force near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, the critical Gulf oil tanker route that Tehran has threatened to close in retaliation for tougher Western sanctions.


Plans for new Iranian war games in the Gulf have been in the works for weeks. But they got under way following stern warnings by Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, about any possible US or Israeli attacks against Tehran's nuclear facilities.


"The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor and it will be removed," he said Friday.




Iran: Genocide a Moral Obligation


An article calling for the destruction of Israel and genocide has appeared on numerous official government and military websites in Iran


By Gavriel Queenann

First Publish: 2/6/2012, 11:04 PM


Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday endorsed a new doctrine explaining why it would be 'legally and morally justified' to commit genocide and wipe Israel off the map.

The article was written by Khameini's close adviser Alireza Forghani and endorsed by the Supreme Leader whose writings played a critical role in its drafting.

The article has since appeared on numerous Iranian government and military websites.


"Israel is a cancerous tumor in the Middle East," the article in the ultraconservative Farsi-language Alef news site. "Israel is a satanic media outlet with bombers. Every Muslim is required to arm themselves against Israel."


"I have already noted the usurper state of Israel poses a grave threat to Islam and Muslim countries. Islam and Muslim states must not lose this opportunity to remove the corruption from out midst. All of our problems are because of Israel - Israel of America."


"The first step should be the absolute destruction of Israel. To this end, Iran could make use of long-range missiles. The distance between us is only 2,600 KM. It can be done in minutes."

The crux of the piece says Iran would be justified in launching a pre-emptive strike against Israel because of the threat the Jewish state's leaders are posing against its own nuclear facilities.


However, during a lengthy discussion of the 'jurisprudence of Jihad,' the article makes it clear that an Israeli strike 'isn't required' and would ultimately serve as a pretext for genocide.

Instead, he says 'defensive Jihad' justifies annihilating Israel and targeting its civilian population because Israel has "spilled Muslim blood" and "oppresses" its Muslim neighbors.


"With regard to the fake state of Israel in Palestine, which is included in the first Qibla of Muslims, we must defend the sacred blood of Muslims in Islamic Palestine using any means necessary," it goes on to explain.


"If the enemy should invade Muslim lands and spill Muslim blood, it is obligatory upon the Muslim masses to use every means possible to defend the lives and property of their brothers. It does not require a judge's permission.


"But regardless of the Israeli aggression against Palestine and the Muslims, it is clear the heads of this fake regime seek to dominate other Islamic lands on its borders and to develop hegemony over the region," it reads.


The article makes it clear Iran sees no place in the Middle East for the Jews.


"Political subdivisions of states and political boundaries between units are not relevant and what is important is to divide the nations and territories based on beliefs and religions groups, blood and blood. Muslim blood must be separate from Infidelblood," it says, citing Khameini's writings.


The document then cites statistics saying 5.7 million of Israel's 7.5 million citizens are Jewish - as a justification for attack. It then proceeds to break down Israel by region and demographic concentrations in order that the most Jews possible would be killed.


It specifically states that Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa ,contain more than 60 per cent of the Jewish population, which could be hit by Shahab 3 ballistic missiles to "easily kill everyone."

The publication of the doctrine comes after Khamenei announced on Friday that Iran would support any nation or group that attacks the 'cancerous tumor' of Israel.


Since its publications several Iranian officials have called for a strike on Israel "within the year."

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