zondag 12 augustus 2007

Iran en Noord-Korea breiden relaties uit

Soort zoekt soort....
Iran, North Korea to expand mutual relations
Tehran, Aug 9, IRNA - Iran news agency

Visiting North Korean Foreign Trade Minister Rim Kyo'ng conferred on Thursday with First Vice-President Parviz Davoudi on expansion of mutual relations and on major global developments.

According to the Public Relations Department and Press Bureau of the Presidential Office, at the meeting Davoudi said volume of trade exchange between the two countries could play a key role in promoting bilateral ties.

Commerce, trade, industry, technological know-how, scientific activities and implementation of joint projects are among suitable grounds for broadening mutual ties, he said.

The oppressed nations would someday get rid of tyrannical powers, he said, adding that the Iranian nation and its government by adopting logical stands and through resistance have brought the global arrogance to its knees.

The North Korean minister, for his part, highlighted Iran's development and success in various fields under leadership of its leader and its president and said North Korea is determined to consolidate ties with Iran.

There are ample untapped grounds for expansion of mutual ties and North Korea is to take advantage of Iran's valuable experiences and achievements in various sectors, he said.
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