donderdag 29 maart 2007

Hamas: samenwerking Palestijnen en Israel op veiligheidsgebied is verraad

Volgens Hamas is samenwerking tussen Israel en de Palestijnse Autoriteit op veiligheidsgebied 'verraad' en speelt dit slechts 'de bezetting' in de kaart. Hiermee is wel duidelijk dat de weigeing van Hamas om de door de PLO met Israel gesloten akkoorden te honoreren na de vorming van de eenheidsregering niet is afgezwakt, en de dubbelzinnige tekst wat dit betreft in de regeringsverklaring (wel 'respecteren' van de akkoorden, maar alleen 'voorzover zij in het belang van het Palestijnse volk zijn') niet als een compromis van Hamas gezien moet worden. 
[ 26/03/2007 - 08:35 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Hamas Movement has criticized Nemr Hammad, the political advisor of the PA chief, over his "unwarranted" calls to resume security coordination between Palestinians and Israeli security apparatuses, and regarded those calls as "permitting the IOF troops to kill more Palestinians".

The Movement, furthermore, charged that Hammad's statements meant to spoil the cordial relationship between PA president and the PA government, to divide the PA security apparatuses, and to plant distrust among them among other goals.

"Those statements are tantamount to national treason that aims at portraying PA security elements as traitors working for Israel against their own people", a statement issued by Hamas and a copy of which obtained by the PIC affirmed.

In addition, Hamas urged the immediate prosecution of Hammad over his "erred" statements, and called on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to officially react to those statements and to specify his stand towards them.

Nixing Hammad's calls, Hamas stressed on the Palestinian people's right to resist the Israeli occupation government that usurped their lands and displaced millions of Palestinians out of their homes at gunpoint.

Instead, Hamas urged the immediate restructuring of the PA security apparatuses on national standards away from factionalism and partisan so as to serve the national interests of the Palestinian people as stipulated in the newly inked Makka agreement.

The Movement also rejected attempts of dividing the Palestinian people into two camps, "hardliners" and "moderates", asserting that the Palestinian people are one and have one and only goal that is to get rid of the occupation and to establish their independent country on their own land.

Moreover, the Movement called on the PA unity government to swiftly open the file of Palestinian collaborators who backed the IOF troops against their own people, to prosecute them, and to carry out execution terms issued by local courts against a number of them.

In an interview with the Hebrew radio on Sunday, Hammad urged the immediate resumption of security coordination between PA and Israel's security apparatuses, spurring waves of condemnation in the Palestinian street.


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