zondag 23 juni 2013

Ulfat Haider: Israelische atlete op zoek naar vrede


Een Israelisch-Arabische vrouw grijpt de kansen die de Israelische maatschappij haar biedt, en geniet van de diversiteit in haar stad, Haifa.


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Ulfat, an Arab-Israeli woman athlete seeking peace


Ulfat Khaider is the fascinating star of this video, the first of ten on co-existence in Israel.

She has reached high peaks not only as a mountain climber, extreme sportswoman and volleyball player (she played for the Israeli national team), but as a remarkable woman striving for peace.

Ulfat is a project manager at Beit Hagefen, a Jewish-Arab cultural center in Haifa. Self-defined as a person searching for peace with herself and with others, she promotes projects that bring Jewish and Arab students closer together. Ulfat uses extreme sports, mountain climbing and nature programs to install positive values in young Israelis.


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