zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Moebarak weigert aanpassing Arabisch vredesplan

Ook president Abbas heeft zich tegen wijziging van het Arabische vredesplan uitgesproken. Zolang dit plan - impliciet - de 'terugkeer' van miljoenen vluchtelingen en hun nakomelingen naar Israel als voorwaarde stelt voor vrede, druist het in feite tegen een tweestatenoplossing in. Toch wordt alleen Israel steeds verweten tegen een tweestatenoplossing te zijn.

Mubarak: Arab peace initiative will not be amended

It could not be clearer:

Several diplomats have said that the Americans are asking Arab nations to drop demands for a right of return for Palestinian refugees and agree to either resettle them in the host countries or in the Palestinian territories.

Mubarak ruled out amending the initiative.

"Don't keep asking for an amendment. It will not be amended so long as you ask for it. All the countries are not approving the amendment," he said.

And President Mubarak also said:

Progress in peace negotiations must come before Arab recognition of Israel, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said in an interview with Israel TV broadcast late Tuesday.

So that there is no mistake - the Arabs will recognize Israel only if Israel "makes progress" to implementing right of return for Palestinian refugees. In other words, they will recognize Israel only if Israel agrees to commit suicide.
And Mubarak will also cooperate in HIS solution to the Iran problem:

Mubarak said in the interview that Egypt's views on the threat Iran poses are different from those of Israel.

He also said Egypt favors a Middle East without nuclear weapons, broadly hinting that he meant eliminating Israel's stockpile of nuclear bombs. Israel does not confirm or deny possessing nuclear weapons.

That means, that Israel must also give up the right to have nuclear weapons in order to "solve" the problem of Iran - that is the reward Israel will get for cooperating in this "peace initiative."
And yet somehow, Israel is singled out as the obstacle to peace.

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