zaterdag 1 november 2014

Fatah eert Palestijnse 'held' die rabbi Glick neerschoot


Het is eigenlijk geen nieuws, maar laat wel zien waarom vrede zo ver weg is: de terrorist die de Joodse rabbijn Yehuda Glick wilde vermoorden wordt door zowel Fatah als de Islamitische Jihad als held geëerd.



Fatah celebrates "hero" who shot Glick (update)

Here are several Fatah posters celebrating the "martyrdom" of the "hero" who shot Yehuda Glick.




 It is very clear that the terrorist is considered as if he was doing exactly what Fatah leaders and PA president Mahmoud Abbas instructed his people on October 17, when he said that Palestinians must "defend" Al Aqsa "by all means."

A Fatah group released a statement: 

"Of the believers are men true to their covenant with Allah; Some died and some of them waiting for the same path."
We proudly mourn hero martyr. Shahid in Jerusalem son of Palestine. And the son of Fatah Moataz Ibrahim Hijazi

(As usual, the posters don't depict the Al Aqsa Mosque but the Dome of the Rock. Most Muslims do not know the difference, which is strange if it is the "third holiest spot in Islam.")

UPDATE: Islamic Jihad said that Glick "got what he deserved," and posted this image praising the attack:

The caption says "Yehuda Glick is in danger and all 'Israelis' after him" a variant on the constant Arab refrain "Al Aqsa is in danger."

They also reported that Jerusalemites handed out candy and shot fireworks upon hearing the news. (I had heard rumors about that but had not seen it reported before.)


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