maandag 6 oktober 2014

Schoolkinderen in Gaza horen geschreeuw van door Hamas politie gemartelde Palestijnen


Human Rights Watch bekritiseert ook Hamas wel eens, zoals bij de executies eind augustus, maar het raakt nogal ondergesneeuwd tussen de vele kritische rapporten en aantijgingen tegen Israel, en de media hebben er ook veel minder belangstelling voor. Toen Israel tijdens de eerste Gaza Oorlog rekruten van de Hamas politie bombardeerde, werd dit zwaar bekritiseerd als zijnde een aanval op burgers…





Schoolchildren in Gaza classrooms hear screams from police torture next door

Al Hayat al Jadida reports:

The calm that dominates the atmosphere of the classroom is suddenly shattered with shrieks and groans from a building next to the school. Those cries and pain are emanating from those detained at the Department of General Intelligence, which is witnessing on a daily basis more cases of summons, investigations and arrest and torture. 

Those shreiks sparked a state of fear and terror among the students of the school, located in the middle of the city of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, which operate on double shifts until the tenth grade..The students are complaining that they shouldn't be forced to listen to the cries of that increase their own suffering.

Al Hayat al Jadida received a collection of complaints and appeals to be filed to the competent authorities without being able to reveal the names, especially as the region's population watches and hears these sounds, but they can not publicly complain because they fear the consequences. 

One student in the ninth grade joined the school this year was surprised in the first days to hear screaming. She tried to ask about it but her colleague told her that these screams issued from one of the detainees and pointed her to that site adjacent to the school where the intelligence services are doing their investigations.

"Y" said she began to feel scared about the presence of the police station near the school, especially as police are supposed to promote security, stability and order and not to provoke fear and terror.

Add another to the list of things that the news media will ignore and that Human Rights Watch or Ken Roth will not tweet.


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