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Omgekomen Palestijnse 'burgers' van de Gaza oorlog


Bijna dagelijks verschijnen er op Elder of Ziyon berichten van omgekomen Gazanen die door de Palestijnse mensenrechtenorganisatie PCHR – een van de organisaties op wie de VN haar cijfers van aantallen gedode burgers en strijders baseerde – ten onrechte als burgers waren aangemerkt. Ik heb er een paar onder elkaar geplakt, maar de lijst is veel langer.






Fake Palestinian Civilians of the Day



PCHR said on July 27 that Mohammed Mahmoud Rajab Hajjaj, 34, whose body was found in the Shuja'iya neighborhood, was a civilian.

Hamas disagrees:


Also, on July 25, PCHR said that "an Israeli warplane launched a missile at a house belonging to Nasser ‘Abdu Shurrab in al-Manara neighborhood in the south of Khan Yunis. The house was destroyed."

On July 26, it said that "civilian" Eyad Nasser ‘Abdu Shurrab was found in the rubble. And on the 27th, it added the name of his "civilian" brother, Wassim Nasser 'Abdu Shurrab, 22.

They were both members of Islamic Jihad's Saraya terror division.



The ever-expanding collection of fake Gaza civilians is here.





Fake Palestinian "Civilian" - and "Child" - of the Day. And another.



The Al Mezan Center - which the UN relies on for its statistics - wrote on July 25 that Ashraf Ibrahim Al Najjar, a 22-year old civilian, had been killed by an Israeli airstrike in Khan Younis.

PCHR identified him as a civilian as well on the same date

Hamas' Health Ministry, however, said that the Ashraf Ibrahim Al Najjar that had been killed in Khan Younis was only 13 years old. Which means he is one of the "children" being counted by many reporters.

Here is this possibly 13-year old "civilian.":


Most of the rest of the al-Najjar family were buried while wrapped in terrorist flags, but it is not clear how many if any were actually members of the groups.

(h/t Johnny, Ibn Boutros, IronyDome, Bob K)

UPDATE: A bonus "civilian."

PCHR says that ‘Aadel Mohammed Abu Hwaishel, 38, killed on July 22, was a civilian. (Al Mezan doesn't say either way.) 

Here are photos of this beloved "civilian" who happened to be a commander in the Qassam Brigades - a fact that was known the same day as the reports, but that PCHR decided to hide.






Today's fake Palestinian "civilians"(updated)



PCHR reported on August 1:

At approximately 09:00, medical crews were able to recover bodies of 2 civilians who were killed by Israeli forces in al-Shuja'iya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City: Ismail Zuhair Mohammadain, 26; and Mo'ammar Fadel Shamali, 35.

Here is a photo of the "civilian" Mo'ammar Fadel Shamali when he was alive:



Shamali was a leader of an elite Qassam Brigades unit.

UPDATE: Ismail Zuhair Mohammadain was also a Qassam Brigades member identified as a civilian above, here seen holding his civilian weapon (h/t Bob Knot):

In July 21, PCHR identified this person as a "civilian:"

Ali Mahmoud Jundiya, 26, was killed by an Israeli artillery shell that hit [his] house. 

Jundiya was also a member of Hamas' Qassam Brigades, and here's his photo:

We have quite conclusively proven the "human rights" organizations' counting of "civilians" is not only flawed but must be knowingly deceptive.

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