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Israel leverde noodgenerators en andere voorzieningen aan Gaza tijdens oorlog


Dit bericht van begin augustus somt op hoe door Israel nadat de electriciteitscentrale in de Gazastrook werd getroffen tijdens de gevechten (waarschijnlijk per ongeluk), o.a. noodgenerators werden geleverd om met name de watervoorziening en medische zorg in stand te houden.




Israel, under fire, still providing Gazans with generators, food, medicine, medical treatment



From Ma'an


August 6:

10 new electric back-up generators have been installed across the Gaza Strip in order to avert a humanitarian crisis in the besieged coastal enclave, officials said Wednesday.

The Gaza Electricity Distribution Company said that the generators would help ensure the provision of services in Gaza, especially in the water and health sectors, and prevent major disruptions due to lack of energy.

Al-Qidra added that the generators would be distributed evenly among all districts to operate water wells and sanitation pumps. 

The company said that the generators were brought in through Kerem Shalom crossing in the northern Gaza Strip [sic].


What else?

·                                             4.44 million liters of diesel for the power station

·                                             1.04 M liters for UNRWA.

·                                             4.93 M liters of fuel and 2.22M liters of benzene for transportation.

·                                             2,676 tons of gas for domestic use.

·                                             2,806 trucks filled with food, essentials and aid.

How does Hamas react to this? Why, they shot rockets into the Kerem Shalom crossing on Sunday:

Because of Hamas rocket fire, Gazans did not receive these shipments on Sunday:

·                     94 trucks of food

·                     20 trucks of bottled water and drinks

·                     16 trucks with humanitarian and medical supplies

·                     14 trucks of agricultural materials

·                     53 trucks of mixed goods (i.e. clothing, cleaning supplies, etc.)

·                     27 trucks of equipment and supplies for international organizations carrying food, medicines, water and other humanitarian relief materials.

And the IDF continues to allow injured and sick people to cross Erez into Israel for treatment.

Did you miss this information in the New York Times and the Guardian? 

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